Is a real civil war possible?

download-civil-warAs the stock market continues its post Trump election rally without hesitation, one can wonder what miracles of magic the over enthused investors believe that the President elect has in store for America. If resolving the immense problems generated by generations of total mismanagement of the nation’s fiscal, monetary and regulatory environments could be executed without serious perturbations Trumps miracle election will be dwarfed by the brilliance of his stewardship of the ship of state. It may pay to remember that President Reagan’s embracing of the necessary steps taken by then Fed Chairman Paul Volcker led to an interest rate spike that drove the economy into a major recession and the stock market into the paws of the bear. Back then the nation was a nation. It was still on the rebound from the turbulence of the late 60’s and early 70’s social and civil conflicts and held a sense of what could be called American normalcy and community cohesion that does not remotely exist today. A serious economic recession will not be so easily dealt with when the American debt is 20 billion and the Federal Reserve has been the source of government debt consumption for the past 8 years, nor will the civil unrest that accompanies it. The stock market is anticipating smooth sailing for Trump and his bag of economic and monetary solutions. It seems to me to be radically premature. If civil war is possible now, even remotely so, give it a few more months. The divisions in America will not be calmed so easily this time. 

Is a real civil war possible?— Doug Casey

It used to be the Reps and the Dems differentiated mostly on ideological grounds. Now it’s much more on cultural grounds. Allow me to identify the elephant in the room, and spell out the real nature of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic party is a cesspool filled with leftist social engineers, academics, busy-body pundits, the “elite”, cultural Marxists, race baiters, racial “minorities” who see race as their main identity, radical feminists and LBGT types, entitled underachievers, statists, the soft-headed, the envy-driven, the stupid, professional losers, haters of free markets, and people who simply hate the idea of America. I can’t imagine anyone of good will, or even common decency, being a member of today’s Democratic Party. It needs to be flushed. But it will only get stronger in the near future, for many reasons.

But it’s an honest party—they generally say what they believe, even if it’s repulsive to anyone who values things like liberty. Interestingly, there are no Dinos—unless they’re Stalinists or Maoists who think the others aren’t going far enough. The party has absolutely no redeeming values.


Source: Doug Casey on Why Trump Came Out on Top | International Man

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