Requiem for Syria,  Bernard-Henri Lévy

I totally disagree with this opinion, as Assad’s Syria was invaded by the US/Hillary/Deep State-backed rebels so that their real friends could push out the Russian/Iranian supported regime and build the Qatari natural gas pipeline planned for years. Of course, built by the likes of Halliburton. While America supports the slaughter of women and children in Yemen by an autocratic Saudi dictatorship puppet state, bombing indiscriminately with outlawed American cluster bombs, we pretend that Assad is gassing his opposition without any evidence of support to justify the Empires Phalanxes illegally remaining in Syria as an invasionary force. It is disgusting what has happened to our national character, to our minds, and to our willpower to resist the lies and propaganda of the machinery of State.

We are the Evil Empire. We are the murderers of civilizations, not Assad. However, since Mr. Levy is a recognized member of the French literati, I have included his thoughts. 

It is fashionable to second-guess the cost of interventions that did not deliver on all of their promises, but what we’re witnessing now is far more bloody and disastrous than timely intervention could possibly have been.

Bernard-Henri Lévy

There will be more ceasefires in Eastern Ghouta and more violations thereof.

More resolutions from the United Nations laboriously pursued by France and blithely gutted of all meaning by Russia.

There will be more smothered children and more chlorine gas dropped on the dwindling number of neighborhoods where sparks of life can still be detected.

There will be more planes and more tanks to finish the big, ugly job, and then still more planes and more bloody ghosts crawling out of the ruins, more children with lifeless eyes pleading silently for a rescue they know will not come.

And to what ultimate end? Where does it point, this slippery disaster?

This generalized descent into hell?

This voyeuristic abdication performed against a backdrop of cemetery cities?

This crime without punishment?

How long will we hear in the West the chorus of cynics chanting, after each new massacre, “Dialogue with Assad! Dialogue with Assad!”?

Because shame seems to be the scarcest sentiment shared by this group, because their pal Assad lacks and will forever lack any intention other than to scramble shamelessly over piles of corpses in order to remain in his palaces, and because indignation no longer serves any purpose in the face of this gory nightmare, we will have to settle for yet another recapitulation of the results of these seven years of abuse of authority.

Requiem for Syria

Source: Requiem for Syria

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