Requiem for the Suicided–Murdered By The CIA

Excellent work by James Corbett and they should be watched in full. The CIA has been murdering American citizens for many decades and 100's if not thousands of others on foreign shores, not including the wars, coups and the attrocities of those that they placed as compliant dictators in the nations targeted where the numbers are in the millions, and not including the deaths from the durgs the CIA has imported onto the streets of America and those of other nations, nor the millions of human slaves they have trafficked in including 100's of thousands of innocent children that would end up being raped, abused, tortured and many, many cases snuffed for the amusement of our perverted elites. Not many people can spend the thousands of dollars it cost for a live snuff Webcast, but the wealthy and powerful in America and Europe certainly can do so.

But, I digress, When you watch these sad videos remember that the CIA is the paramount entity in the American total surveillance state as well as the most corrupt, evil and powerful criminal organization in the world. They are the judge, jury and executioner of whatever they set their sights upon. In Europe they have controlled and likely still do, the neo-Nazi death squads of Operation Gladio whose reign of terrorism I am certain is far from over. As I have said constantly on the site and so many times long before the creation of thiss blog, the CIA and the NSA are all seeing, their knowledge does not stop at the door of the President. Knowledge is power and infinite knowledge gives an equally expansive amount of power. Corrupt Washington is thus, totally under the control of the powers within and behind the American Central Intelligence Agency. The danger is intensifying as Wikileaks and others awaken the American citizens minds to our reality, they will not give up without a very nasty fight. It is already unfolding.

And if you have not seen these you damn well should.

Soros Has Bribed The EU–Also, Soros Owns The Vatican and Francis The Globalist Pope

  The “list of Soros” exposes the EU as nothing more than a mechanism for the elitist billionaire to promote his neo-liberal policies consisting of border-less mass migration, same-sex marria

November 14, 2017
Obama’s Legacy: the Failed State of Libya (Just One Of The Many Failures)–Slavery Of Blacks!!

Obama’s Legacy: the Failed State of Libya Libya, once the gem for high-living standards in Africa, is today a failed state. Thanks to the discordant foreign policy of President Barack Obama and his

November 14, 2017
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