Robert Mueller, his investigation unraveling more & more. Totally Corrupt & Subversive–Listen & Learn

Excellent summary of the corruption and the astounding array of totally evil bastards doing all they can to take out the duly elected President of The United States–Along with a frantic MSM ramping up their constant attacks the battle is truly heating up. The People of America must rise up and demand justice NOW, or be slaves to the tyranny of the most deviant psychopaths ever to collude in this conspiracy against not only America but all of humanity. 

What Is Sessions Doing? This Odious Bitch Should Already Be In Prison

Awaiting execution! How can anyone defend this lying bitch? If you are still a believer in thunder ankles in a pantsuit, watch this and think hard to see if you can break out of your self-imposed cogn

January 19, 2018
Free Speech Debate Leaves TV Host Speechless

This is brilliant and rather entertaining! Canadian professor of psychology, Dr. Jordan Peterson, while being interviewed about his defense of free speech, is asked by a TV host: “Why should your ri

January 19, 2018
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