Why is Russia ALWAYS seen as the enemy?

There is no reason to quote Edward Bernays here because if you do not understand the entire system is one mass mind control machine by now, you never will. From the moment we wake up in the morning we are bombarded with messages from those seeking to manipulate our behaviors and our very thoughts, the only thing new here is that the techniques have improved in lock step with the advancements in technology and the science of propaganda delivery. Just think what could have been if the methods that the power elites now have at their disposal were available to the monstrous totalitarian regimes (almost all birthed by the left) of the past century.

We have become sheep guided and controlled by evil far more insidious and dangerous to the world than any of the murdering swine that held power in any era before us.  Wake up America, our time is running short. War is demanded by the powers that control this nation still, despite the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. And now that they are afraid that their crimes might be revealed they will stop at nothing to keep the powers gained through the 100 years of refined propaganda and mass mind control techniques. A whole generation or two of supplicant American youth have been mentally damaged and brainwashed, very likely permanently.

When the Cold War ended, Russia did not become a pliant member of the Washington consensus. History tells us that no matter how many times Russia is attacked or invaded, Russia will never become subservient to an outside force. From Hollywood movies and media talking heads, to spy novels and video games – Russia is the ubiquitous adversary.

In a study done by Brandon Valeriano of Cardiff University, Russians are enemies in 21 percent of video games (12 games), one fewer instance than generic humans (13 games) and one more than aliens (11 games). That’s right, Russians are seen as more dangerous than aliens – let that sink in.

From the Russian Empire to Vladimir Putin, Russia has always been seen as an existential threat. Why? The answer is simple.

Why is Russia ALWAYS seen as the enemy 

Which country is the most frequent enemy in violent video games

Vladimir Makarov- Call of Duty series

Vladimir Makarov is the most evil villain of the Call of Duty series. This Russian terrorist tried to start a third world war by detonating a nuke in the Middle East killing thousands of people. He’s also not afraid to get his own hands dirty mowing down dozens of innocent civilians in an airport. Makarov, you are one evil son of a bitch.

Source: Why is Russia ALWAYS seen as the enemy? (VIDEO)

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