Say Goodnight To South Africa: No One Cares?

Today, South Africa signed its death warrant. The murder, rapes, and infanticide against the white population of the nation will now be practically officially sanctioned with the decision of the new government to take the farms of all white farmers that have not left already. Already wracked by off the charts crime, drought and water shortages in the cities we will all witness SA follow down the bloody, ruinous path that Zimbabwe took decades ago under their former “elected” dictator Robert Mugabe. Yet, the politically correct West will watch, when they even bother to notice, the people of this nation starve and enter tribal warfare, perhaps, yet unmatched on the continent.

Lauren Southern has produced a series of videos on the plight of the South African white farmers, which, I believe is being made into a full documentary. They are all worthy of watching. The South African blacks have taken a path that will only massively increase their suffering, particularly so as the world is entering a period, if not many centuries long,  where food scarcity is destined to exacerbate their inevitable agricultural collapse. 

The South African parliament voted on Tuesday to move forward in amending their Constitution to allow for the confiscation of land from their white minority without compensation.

The move has come just twenty-four years after apartheid officially ended. Whites ended the apartheid system only with the explicit constitutional guarantee that their land would never be stolen, but now that they’ve become a small minority with rapidly dwindling political power that’s all gone out the window.

The time for reconciliation is over South Africa votes to confiscate white-owned land without compensation

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