Seditious Obama is Officially the White House Turd That Refuses to Flush

Apparently two terms in the White House isn’t enough; former-President Obama, who should be enjoying a cushy taxpayer-funded retirement somewhere, continues to actively try to undermine the Trump administration. With the Democrats putting up roadblocks for many of President Trump’s appointees, the White House remains infested with Obama’s former staffers who continue to leak information back to their former boss.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at how a combination of former Obama staffers and other activist groups left over from his election machinery, such as the OFA, are leaking information out of the White House and organizing the constant protests that are disrupting the country. This is not surprising of course, as President Trump’s policies will undo many of the failed policies of the Obama administration; many of which he considers to be his legacy.

Source: Obama is Officially the White House Terd That Refuses to Flush (Video) :: The Last Great Stand

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