Soros- Organizing Massive Anti-Trump Protests Nationwide-Paying Protesters $15/Hour

One of the first acts of the new Trump administration should be to deport George Soros back to Hungary or imprison him for the incitement of riots and any criminal acts that are the result of his paid rioting degenerates. Oh, wait, this should be the second action taken, the first being the prosecute Hillary Clinton and the entire Clinton network under the RICO laws as well as the individual criminal acts of the Clinton’s themselves. 

soros-leaks-575x575Hillary Clinton may have lost the presidential election, but one of her main backers is not stopping.The battle for the sovereignty of America is now between President-elect Donald Trump and open borders globalist George, a liberal activist group that has exploded all across the nation, is funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations.   It is now well known that was responsible for many of the riots and protests at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, some of which became violent and dangerous.Wednesday – the day following Trump’s victory – moved into action.   The group put out a notice on their Facebook page, announcing they would conduct “peaceful gatherings of resistance” all across the country Wednesday evening.

Source: Soros-Funded Group Organizing Massive Anti-Trump Protests Nationwide

Mind-blowing video shows Democrat activists being mass hypnotized in broad daylight… the Left has become a CULT of fanatical followers

The insanity of the times just gets more surreal with each passing day. 10/14/2018 / By Mike Adams A stunning video posted by All News Pipeline — and hosted on — reveals a shocking

October 15, 2018
Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford ran mass “hypnotic inductions” of psychiatric subjects as part of mind control research funded by foundation linked to “computational psychosomatics” neuro-hijacking

The whole corrupt, evil cancer that has invaded our entire existence as a nation and as a civilization must be smothered, destroyed and burnt out of us, or we will all be devoured by this flesh-eating

October 02, 2018
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