Thank You Wallonia!!! Canadian minister says EU trade talks have failed


tppThe revolution continues! We must reclaim America as well from the insidious grasping tentacles of transnationalist, One World elites that permeate every orifice and corridor in Washington and within the halls of all of the major transnational corporations from Wall Street and across the nation. The election on the 8th will determine not just the fate of America as a sovereign nation, but that of all of Europe as well. The EU must fail. The TPP and all of the current batch of treasonous trade deals must fail and globalism as it is run by the power elites here and across the pond, it must fail as well.

Free trade is not what these "trade" deals are about, what they are designed to do is replace each nation's laws, in essence destroy their sovereignty, and replace them with corporate tribunals and laws written by and for the largest transnational corporate behemoths. Stick a fork in these deals and Monsanto will only be able to poison Americans as the rest of the world is enacting or has already done so laws that prevent them from doing so by keeping out their GMO seeds and the cancer causing glyphosate RoundUp from within their national sovereign borders 

Belgium’s Wallonia blocks the deal over concerns about investors being able to sue governments.

Canadian Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland said Friday her efforts to reach a deal with the EU on a landmark trade deal with Canada had failed and that she would be returning home empty handed.

“During the last few months we have worked very hard with the European Commission and member states. But it seems evident that the EU is now not capable of having an international deal, even with a country which has values as European as Canada, even with a country as kind, as patient,” she said upon leaving the regional Walloon parliament in Namur this afternoon.

“Canada is disappointed, I am personally very disappointed, I have worked very, very hard. We have decided to go back home. I am very, very sad, really. Tomorrow morning, I will be at home with my three children,” she added, fighting back tears.

Her remarks come after a turbulent 24 hours in Brussels during which EU leaders tried their utmost to convince the regional parliament of Wallonia to lend its support to the EU’s trade deal with Canada. Wallonia’s Minister-President Paul Magnette said earlier that he was still unable to support a trade deal between the EU and Canada because of concerns over a legal framework through which investors will be able to sue governments.

Source: Canadian minister says EU trade talks have failed – POLITICO

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