The Charlottesville false flag operation was staged to destroy Trump… Alt-Left-Soros-CIA-Dancing The Ukrainian

As usual, there seem to be as many reporters and photographers as protestors, however watch these videos and ask yourself who was surrounded and taunting who? The Charlottesville stinks almost as much as Hillary Clinton and, one can read from many sources that this is beyond imagination. Of course, the "conspiracy theory" hounds from hell have quickly made this idea as ludicrous as that surrounding 9/11. Of course, we never do these things... of course not, nooooo... this is America after all. 



…as well as to decimate and dismantle the Patriot movement

As the facts come rolling in from those who were actually present at the Charlottesville protest, it’s clear that the entire event was a staged false flag operation.

Because of its sheer complexity, it had to have been carried out by all the usual suspects — CIA black ops, FBI COINTELPRO, Virginia’s Democratic governor, Charlottesville Democratic major, left-leaning Municipal Police Department, etc.  More details are explained in the following exposé: Charlottesville: Here’s what really happened

Of course, this PsyOp has all the markings of a George Soros mini color revolution.  In this case, the various false flag attacks (there were several throughout the weekend rally) were executed to topple Trump.

The Charlottesville psyop was also implemented to disparage and delegitimize the Trump movement with finality.  The goal was to perpetrate such heinous acts of violence that Trumpsters, and all other conservatives and Tea Partiers, patriots and nationalists, would never show up at a protest again.

The Charlottesville false flag operation was staged to destroy Trump

Charlottesville False Flag When you look at all the details the evidence is conclusive op was well-pl   Source: The Charlottesville false flag operation was staged to destroy Trump… | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary
“I Know What North Korea Wants” – President Carter Warns; The Empire Knows AS well.

Absolutely correct. If anyone has ever bothered to read the PNAC document (Project for New American Century) you would have become aware of the plan, as laid out by the key neocons who would eventuall

September 14, 2017
‘Big fish’ Debbie Wasserman Schultz watches as ‘small fish’ start to cut deals—Burn These Evil Beasts (Including the folks at the SPLC!!)

Time to get the pitchforks out folks and be prepared to fight for America... We will win, but these animals will not go down without blood in the streets.  'Big fish' Debbie Wasserman Schultz watches

September 07, 2017
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