The Corruption Boggles The Mind-There Is Much More To The Fusion Story

As Zero Hedge reports today, the story of Senator Feinstein release of the transcripts of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson’s closed-door testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday is now shrouded in the “misstatement” that she was “pressured” to release the testimony. Now, she claims that she was temporarily deranged? One thing I can agree with is that she is “deranged” but this condition is not temporary by any means. Who would be able to pressure the senior member of the Committee and why? Those on the other side of the war? Remember, no one in established Washington is without sin and Senator Feinstein and her husband are head deep in the sewers (see below), or certainly, it would seem as such as there has never been a prosecution, but then there rarely are against those in “our” government above the law. Yet, it is a certainty that those in the covert Deep State have the dirt on not only Senator Feinstein, but on all the members of Congress and use such knowledge to “pressure” the members in the support or defense of their nefarious aims.

Given that Glen Simpson’s closed-door Senate testimony was filled with lies and contradictions that should make any observer puke and lead to his prosecution for, at the very least, perjury, why was the Senator pressured? Obviously, we don’t know, though I am sure the Senator does, however, given the entire DOJ file on this case is being delivered to Senator Grassley’s Committee today and that the DOJ Investigator General’s report will be released on the 15th, which very, very likely will lead to Attorney General Session’s appointment of a special prosecutor, it is not unlikely that the release was viewed as at least a small distraction for the more significant information to come.

The Dossier is a joke. Fusion GPS has been engaged in criminal activities and the testimony of Glen Simpson will eventually lead to his imprisonment. It is so very clear that President Trump never even had any serious business dealings in Russia and the Russians tried and failed to entice him with the 5 prostitutes, which he and his bodyguard adamantly refused. Rather than my third-hand views, I have provided the investigative work of an increasingly respected YouTube journalist, a venue that has become the source of the most accurate and honest journalism in America, putting the propaganda of the MSM controlled by the Deep State to shame, if they had any. 

The Dossier connects the dots with the DNC, Clinton, FBI, DOJ and on and on, however, there is far more going on here, these are the things that the Deep State and the Clinton Crime family do not want to be public. The Prevezon case garnered high-profile attention because of its ties to a $230 million tax-fraud scheme uncovered in 2008 by the Russian tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, whose suspicious death aroused international media attention and spurred the passage of the US law, which was designed to punish those suspected of involvement This is about Magnitsky and Prevezon as well as Bill Browder.

Well worth your time, as well as the list of supporting documents and news stories provided by the YouTube author.



Feinstein Admits She Was Mentally Unstable When Releasing Fusion GPS Transcript

Did Feinstein knowingly commit a crime to protect Fusion GPS

Feinstein Admits She Was Mentally Unstable When Releasing Fusion GPS Transcript

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