The Crisis of the Middle Class and American Power | Stratfor- George Freidman

We will not have to wait decades for this risk to appear, it is in the process of emerging now. In any complex adaptive socioeconomic system, such as that of the United States, the more complexity the more prone to the power laws of nonlinear, seemingly chaotic trends. What might seem to the observer caught in the time warp of the immediate, the present still pregnant not with the future, but the biases and normative thinking of the present and immediate past, thus making forecasting of the power, speed and instability of a discernible trend or risk very difficult to estimate. Several years ago, I described a world where the American Empire would be tested, probed for weaknesses and ultimately destroyed at the Empires fringes. This is going on now, it has been for a number of years though and it will likely accelerate as our vulnerabilities become more and more transparent to our existing presumed allies as well as those powers, nations and economic forces we have had not fully tamed and subdued. The external disintegration will be accompanied by increasing attempts to tighten the internal grip of of the Fascist Empire on the American system, its citizens and its economy. This has also been going on. Any, absolutely any increasing reach for power by the centralized bureaucratic state must be accompanied by the systems radicalization of the existing propaganda machinery accompanied by an rise in both the perception of increasing threats to the nation, the "fatherland" or now, so PC defined the "Homeland", both from external and internal social, economic and physical disruption. Without these "fears" being generated by the State, the needed absorption of power and control by an increasingly centralized authoritarian government cannot be justified to those losing their freedoms and their rights. This process has also been going on for decades, only reaching the tipping point following 9/11.

There is little chance of retrenchment against the powers now granted to the American Fascist Police State, in fact, in my opinion there is now, no chance. Our democracy is a fiction, a relic and still sustainable essential and convenient myth. We, the people are now subjects not the masters and rulers of our own destiny as a nation, nor the destinies of our own lives. We are served the God of consumerism and the freedom of sexual deviancy of all kinds, the "freedom" to turn the channel and be entertained by an unlimited supply of false realities and testosterone draining epic battles of sports, watching the teams of our own choosing. Yet, the noose tightens, our true freedoms are taken away from us and we "fear" the states inflated enemies for no totalitarian system, hard or soft in form, can exist without internal and external enemies. Zbigniew Brzezinski, a founding thinker of the new political reality described this essential element when congealing down the essential elements of totalitarian systems in his books, back in his youth in the early 1960's. He was correct.

Our fears are guided, manipulated and in many cases totally fabricated by the Coercive State, to whom we are now simply serving in a slave master relationship, are so misplaced. The story of the child of poor black parents whose epic battle against the system unwilling to pay for her basic survival as at least as a human entity, even a brain dead one at that, if such can truly happen, a system that took her life through medical error and malfeasance, should be more than it is, which is now simply a media circus and a perverse form of media inflamed entertainment. With an estimated 200,000-400,000 deaths A YEAR from errors, malpractice, overtired nurses and medical support teams, unclean health facilities and many other preventable causes, an American citizen is thousands of times more likely to die in an American hospital or healthcare facility than from terrorism of any sort. And yet, since 9/11 more Americans by many fold have died fighting terrorism than have died from terrorism. We have through our policies of murder and state sponsored war crimes and terrorism in many nations, since just 9/11 been the direct and catalytic cause of millions of deaths of innocent men, women and children, starved, unable to get medical treatment or simply blown apart by ours or or allies munitions or the bombs of those left to fight for their causes in the chaotic, uncontrolled wreckage of the civilizations and governments we destroyed.  But is is justified, for we are that exceptional nation that brings "freedom" by destroying, brings peace and well being by killing all in the name of humanitarianism masking the brutality of Empire, hubris and raw power.  We should fear going to the local hospital more than terrorism, the rest of the world should simply fear us-and by God they would be more than justified.

There is no end to empire without its destruction. America has set it's course. We will be destroyed. Hopefully by our own hands and not that of a foreign power. Cheerful New Years massage, is it not? 

The greatest danger is one that will not be faced for decades but that is lurking out there. The United States was built on the assumption that a rising tide lifts all ships. That has not been the case for the past generation, and there is no indication that this socioeconomic reality will change anytime soon. That means that a core assumption is at risk. The problem is that social stability has been built around this assumption -- not on the assumption that everyone is owed a living, but the assumption that on the whole, all benefit from growing productivity and efficiency. If we move to a system where half of the country is either stagnant or losing ground while the other half is surging, the social fabric of the United States is at risk, and with it the massive global power the United States has accumulated. Other superpowers such as Britain or Rome did not have the idea of a perpetually improving condition of the middle class as a core value. The United States does. If it loses that, it loses one of the pillars of its geopolitical power.
via The Crisis of the Middle Class and American Power | Stratfor.
FBI, Clinton’s, Obama and Many Others Are Up To Their Heads In Treasonous Shit–WAKE THE F@@K UP!!!!!!!!! Worst Scandal In American History

This is it!! If America is to survive, if we are to remain a free, liberty loving people subject to the Rule Of Law--all of these treasonous, subversive criminals must be prosecuted and spend the rest

October 18, 2017
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