The DNC & The Powers That Be Want Hillary To Go Away One Way Or The Other

Back in a grammatically poorly written post on the 26th, I mentioned that I thought that the progressive/fascist/globalist cabal had decided to throw Hillary under the bus. They want her to go away and soon. However, as is typical of a raging psychopath she can not accept her defects, which are legion. It is more than likely that the supposed fight between Hillary and Bill, her husband-in-name-only, was not just over the laughable blame game this putrid beast insisted upon in the ghost written “What Happened”, but that Bill was aware of the will of the hidden hands of the Cabal: She must go away.

Clearly, this thought has been in percolating along for months, Donna Brazile’s book was not written overnight. There is zero chance that this consummate political operative did not have approval from her superiors in the chain of command, nor would publishers touch it if the word had not come down from those seeking to retire this loose cannon, whose continued unhinged commentary and public presence would continue to blacken the Democratic Party’s prospects in the coming elections. As well, Elizabeth Warren’s recent comments confirm an organized, planned attack.  It is entirely possible that the inner core of the power elites, the Deep State or whatever one wants to call the evil power and control driven, thoroughly corrupt ruling elites hidden in the shadows pulled the plug on Hillary a few months before the November election, understanding that Hillary’s criminal past was a stone around her neck that could easily do to her Presidency, what they are trying to do to Trump. However, Hillary’s sins are so numerous, her trail of corruption, murder and treasons so long that she makes any of the minor issues they may try to pin on the President, look like a shrimp compared to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Her time is over. If Hillary does not leave the stage on her own, she will be taken down one way or the other.    

Clueless Hillary Says She Refuses to “Go Away;” Americans Who Dislike Her Are Sexist Women Haters | True Pundit

Hillary Clinton vowed to stay in politics Wednesday night and fight politicians who get elected to line their own pockets with personal wealth.

No, this is not a joke. She did actually say that. Right after accusing half of the country as sexist women-haters. If it were only that simple.

She nailed the hate part though. But it’s simply directed toward Hillary Clinton and not women as an entire gender.

The portion of the interview from Trevor Noah on the Daily Show where she vows to fight against corruption should be clipped and rolled out in a new Twilight Zone series. It truly is surreal.

Pablo Picasso was a true genius with oil paints on canvas. Hillary’s art is lying and her canvas is television. She painted another masterpiece Wednesday night.

Source: VIDEO: Clueless Hillary Says She Refuses to “Go Away;” Americans Who Dislike Her Are Sexist Women Haters | True Pundit

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