The Electric Grid Will Fry Within The Next 3 Years–The Inside Elites Know This

It is very, very likely that at some point over the next three years as the current solar cycle, cycle #24, reaches its nadir, along with the continuing acceleration in the weakening of the earth’s magnetic field, a solar flare will occur of even a relatively historically weak magnitude that will knock out the entire North American electric grid. Even if only one section of the grid is taken down, the cascading effects across the nation, enhanced by the already poor infrastructure, will quickly lead to a total failure. Though protecting the electric infrastructure is possible, however, it would require time, money and attention that would exceed the timetable of the risk.

This event could happen tomorrow. The Carrington Event in 1859 at the very extreme tail on of the Dalton Minimum took out the limited electric-based systems, the telegraphs, this was when the Northern Hemisphere was emerging from the cycle nadir and the earth’s magnetosphere was 20% more robust than today.

We have spent all of our resources on manmade global warming and paid no attention to the real threat, a threat that the inner circle of the power elite has known about for many years. It is well-known “real” science, not the bought conformity driven screeching of the climatologists sucking on the teats of the UN, socialist foundations such as those named Rockefeller and Ford, or the universities whose mandates were driven by government grants to only those that supported the globalist warming mantra, has predicted the coming mini ice-age now for many years. This science, unlike any of the anthropogenic carbon-driven bullshit, is based on verifiable evidence over billions of years.

The absurd ends presumed driven models of the IPCC and all they have spawned have proven useless and have been proven constantly wrong over and over, yet the sheeple public was kept at a fever pitch over the totally wrong risks. Not global warming, but a new decades-long, if not longer, mini ice-age.

I can assure you that the overwhelming majority of humanity would rather global warming with its necessary corollary, abundant food production, than the inevitable mass starvation as the earth can no longer sustain enough food to even feed a vastly reduced global population and prevent the starvation of billions, nor the total societal chaos of a multi-year paralysed electric grid.

The elites were warned years ago by many scientists, scientists not captured by the groupthink required by the paymasters controlling their incomes and job security. It is certainly possible that the evil that has sought to enslave the world in progressive, socialist world order had a timetable for complete control that was delayed by the unexpected awakening of the American and world population. They were sidetracked in implementing the final phase of the depopulation agenda and mass population control goals by the unanticipated ascendance of Donald Trump. They still have time.

They will strike back, though they will need to, for not only are they threatened by the Trump revolution and the march towards the return of the rule of law in America, but the clock of the earth and sun. A grid collapse, even a major earthquake on the New Madrid fault zone that decimated interstate food, oil, and natural gas shipments will likely turn on the elites, and the decentralization needed for regional survival by an armed America will not likely ever return to the United States, and many a formerly powerful head will be sticking on pikes along the Potomac.

Perhaps, there are other reasons the Washington elites are building secure bunkers and environments for survival. Not from nuclear war, but from the chaos of societal collapse from the very well-known effects of the Grand Solar Minimum that even the mainstream press is now being forced to admit is our true reality.

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