The End of the United States. The End of the EU. The End Of Western Civilization?

Understand this: Modern Humanity has never, ever lived through the climatic, geological, radiation extremes that are now upon us, never. Combined with the weakening of earth’s magnetic field (5% per century has turned to 5% per decade and accelerating) the solar cycle earth has entered could easily produce one of the most extreme Solar Minimums experienced in many thousands of years perhaps of the entire 1/12th of the 25,771.5 year precessional cycle, the Age of Aquarius, which would be  roughly 2,150 thousand years ago. This was the GSM that caused or accelerated the fall of the Roman Empire and the birth of the “Dark Ages.”  If you do not think that the elites battling over America and the EU are not aware of these cycles and real cause of climate change on earth, try thinking a tad harder. Who controls the coming chaos will determine whether humanity lives under a totally evil tyranny ruled by Satanists or under a limited government, freedom and whatever God of goodness that humanity wishes to abide by. 

Habibullo Ismailovich Abdussamatov is the supervisor of the Astrometria project of the Russian section of the International Space Station and the head of Space research laboratory at the Saint Petersburg-based Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Most astrophysicists look at the Earth as a very small part of a larger formation: the solar system. Climate on Earth is primarily influenced by the Sun, which is influenced to some extent by the planets in our system.

We’ve already seen the lowest level of sunspots in the 2014 solar cycles maximum and he projects we’re headed for a mini ice age, due to the reduced solar irradiance in the forecast.

Civil Unrest for 2018/2019 Post Election Cycle – The End of the United States?

Solar minimums may be the final piece of the puzzle in fall of Western civilization

Solar Minimum The Fastest Decline in almost 10,000 Years

Milankovitch Cycles and Glaciation


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Unfortunately, America is more than likely: Toast. We will have a civil war soon or suffer under an unimaginable technocratic progressive tyrrany. Most likely both.

December 14, 2018
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