The Two Lovers Stand Together And The American People Are Their War Fodder

 Senators Seek “Crushing” Sanctions For Russia In A New Bill-

The two lovers stand together once again.

If you are not aware, please do your research. I beg of you! The United States is and has been since starting the CIA and Operation Gladio in the late 1940’s the greatest sponsor of terrorism on this planet. These pigs know this, or at least those not controlled by their MK Ultra puppet masters. America has murdered more people in foreign lands than any other nation.

China and others have exceeded by far the murder of more of their own citizens, and still, kill dissidents and undesirables for their organs among other atrocities, but Google and Apple are seeking to emulate China. model of suppression.

Russia is not a threat to America. The threat resides in the Military Industrial Surveillance States total control of our Congress. It resides in Washington and these odious animals that could care less about truth or the American people.

In the latest effort to punish Moscow over alleged election meddling, as well its role in both Ukraine and Syria, a bipartisan bill has been introduced in the Senate Thursday that seeks to be so far reaching that it’s being widely described as “crushing”.

Predictably, it has as sponsors such Congressional hawks as Senators Bob Menendez, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham — the latter which announced the bill’s goal is to “impose crushing sanctions and other measures against Putin’s Russia until he ceases and desists meddling in the U.S. electoral process, halts cyber-attacks on US infrastructure, removes Russia from Ukraine, and ceases efforts to chaos in Syria,” according to a statement.

Senators Seek “Crushing” Sanctions For Russia In New Bill | Zero Hedge

The lies of the media and the Deep State sycophants in Washington want war, they always want war. 

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