There Are Now Well Over 1,000 sealed Indictments Across America: Scandals Erupt, Charlie Rose, John Conyers, & Yes, Old Billy-THE DOMINOES ARE FALLING

This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.

–Winston Churchill, Speech given following the Second Battle of El Alamein

There has been, as there is today, only one way to rip the death grip from the neck of America, indeed from all of Western Civilization, at least whats left of it: Reveal in all its disgusting, sordid putrescence and evil the truth about the ruling power elites pedophilia, sexual atrocities, murders, Satanic rituals that know no political or ideological  boundaries and that have infected every dank dungeon of American power, from the corporate boardrooms and the purveyors of corporate media propaganda to our nation’s Capital, Hollywood and beyond. This is the only way, the only way, to have even the remote chance of removing the opaque veil of brainwashed irrationality that has blinded so much of this nation and Europe to the point of total nihilistic self-destruction.

Like the great Ouroboros, the ancient mystics dragon that eats it’s own tail, the intentional eating of our own cultural flesh envisioned by Adam Westphalia and his heirs, from Marx to Gramsci, from the patient, long term socialist processes put in place by the Fabians and Cultural Marxists to the current Tavistock Institute’s successful campaign to destroy Christianity and the rock-bed of Western Civilization, our Judaeo-Christian heritage with Political Correctness, sexual licentiousness and gender confusion, is now almost complete.  Only the darkest hidden truths of the reality that we have all been denied, a reality of elite perversions, treasons, criminality on a scale that will be difficult for most decent human beings to digest can restore our sight and in this revelation return America and the world to the path of morality, ethics, empathy and law that, if left undeterred by elite power lust over the past generations, would truly have assured America to be the “beacon on the hill” this nation set out to be. 

What is now unfolding can not be allowed to wither through the attack of the propaganda machinery of the State and the powerful,, the perpetrators of horrors hard to imagine. Despite the power and wealth of those that control our nation: This must be only the end of the beginning.

It will be of great service, and procure us both much information and money, and will suit charmingly the taste of many of our truest members, who are lovers of the sex. It should consist of two classes, the virtuous, and the freer hearted (i.e. those who fly out of the common tract of prudish manners); they must not know of each other, and must be under the direction of men, but without knowing it. Proper books must be put into their hands, and such (but secretly) as are flattering to their passions.

— Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati 

There are ten high-level threats to humanity in this order of priority: poverty, infectious disease, environmental degradation, inter-state conflict, civil war, genocide, other atrocities (such as pedophilia and human trafficking), proliferation, terrorism, and transnational crime.

=World War III Has Started — the Public Against the Deep State — Everywhere: Can Donald Trump Defeat the Deep State and Lead a Global Revolution? (Trump Revolution Book 8) (STEELE Vivas, Robert David)

Pedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose … I am also a theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God’s will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of flesh, between people … pedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With boldness, they can say, ‘I believe this is in fact part of God’s will.’

Ralph Underwager, ‘expert’ witness for the defense in scores of child abuse cases and former vocal member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, in an interview in Paidika (a pro-pedophilia publication), conducted in June 1991

From appealing to the gods to win a war or reap a bountiful harvest, these dark, barbaric practices were also rooted in the enduring belief that children’s flesh and blood rejuvenate and empower those who partake, keeping them young, strong and powerful

We must seek justice now for all the children through the ages who’ve been so heinously victimized by the most powerful, most evil murderers in human history.

–The Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children: From Antiquity to Today

IN RECENT DECADES, Western culture has undergone dramatic changes. Radical new elites have broken down historical values in order to create a new world order with new sets of ethics. They have pushed for strong anti-traditionalist and globalist world views, and the current establishment now dominates the public through tight control over the media. Many of the values that once made the West a great civilization is now profoundly challenged by an authoritarian liberal extremism. Just as capitalism won the battle as the ruling economic model, the extreme liberals won the social revolution in the West.

They have brutally implemented their ideology since the 1960s, smothering opposition. The hope was to produce a Utopian, internationalist society where religion no longer existed, the traditional family was dissolved, national borders disappeared, and everyone lived together in peace and harmony. Today, many grumbles that the opposite happened, we have entered yet another age of feudality, bound to the lords of debt, suffering under the break-down of marriage while mental and psychological illnesses, drug abuse and family tragedies explode. Society crumbles under the weight of financial crisis, decadence, hedonism, social upheaval and a culture of depression.

This is happening while the ultra-rich Western elite assembles the wealth into their own hands. Only a few individuals now own more than half of world assets, according to Oxfam. The same elite owns much of the mainstream media and may easily push the narrative to benefit their own agendas.

==THE CULTURE WAR: How the West Lost Its Greatness & Was Weakened From Within (Herland, Hanne)

The War Between Globalist, Centralized Tyranny By Elites & Freedom, National Sovereignty & Individual Rights Is Coming To A Head

Macron has EU troops and EU armored vehicles in France to suppress his own people. Though, as you may recall, this Rothschild banking and former elite child sex toy, was inaugurated not to the French

December 11, 2018
Global warming is causing more snow to fall on Antarctica? And Polar Bears are moving to New York for Cheap Condo Prices!

Do you know why the effete globalist elites know they can create such a powerfully destructive meme based on lies and absurd fabrications such as global warming’s fear-inducing sea level bullshi

December 11, 2018
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