Top Clinton Aide: Loss ‘Most Devastating In U.S. History’ Blames Pro-Trump Media | The Daily Caller

Mind numbing, isn’t it? From the mouth of the satanic pedophile John Podesta the defeat had nothing to do with Hillary, Obama or the progressive fascists attempts to totally dismantle America as a nation and the marginalization of the majority of its citizens. It does show anyone with an ounce of unindoctrinated grey matter left in their skulls how deep the cognitive dissonance and ideological blindness is among these minions of the mistress of the dark. 

Staffers try explaining failure to angry supporters

A top member of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign told Clinton’s top supporters Thursday her defeat was “the most devastating loss in the history of American politics,” while campaign chairman John Podesta said the defeat was due to a pro-Donald Trump bias in the media.

The remarks were made during a conference call between Clinton’s shell-shocked campaign team and several backers of Clinton’s campaign, such as donor J.B. Pritzker, Ready PAC co-founder Allida Black, and political strategist Maria Cardona. The contents of the private call were reported by The Hill, which spoke to one of the Clinton backers on the call.

Clinton campaign spokesman Jennifer Palmieri didn’t mince words in describing how brutal Clinton’s upset defeat was, according to The Hill.

“Thirty-six hours after the most devastating loss in the history of American politics, we’re looking at a white board right now with lots of ideas,” said Palmieri said. “We’re sort of figuring out what we need to do this week, and what we need Democrats to do in the next two months ahead of the inaugural.”

Source: Top Clinton Aide: Loss ‘Most Devastating In U.S. History’ | The Daily Caller

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