Trump Disavows Racists Over and Over Again – For Years – The Coup Continues

Name calling is a cognitive bias and a technique to promote propaganda. Propagandists use the name-calling technique to incite fears or arouse positive prejudices with the intent that invoked fear (based on fear mongering tactics) or trust will encourage those that read, see or hear propaganda to construct a negative opinion, in respect to the former, or a positive opinion, with respect to the latter, about a person, group, or set of beliefs or ideas that the propagandist would wish the recipients to believe. The method is intended to provoke conclusions and actions about a matter apart from an impartial examinations of the facts of the matter. When this tactic is used instead of an argument,[citation needed] name-calling is thus a substitute for rational, fact-based arguments against an idea or belief, based upon its own merits, and becomes an argumentum ad hominem.  


Castro was a nationalist who coined the revolutionary slogan “The Fatherland or Death.” Che Guevara was a nationalist, as was Pol Pot. Even when he lived in England and South Africa, Gandhi was a dedicated Indian nationalist.

Obviously it makes no sense to call these men fascists. While Lenin professed to be a lifelong internationalist, awaiting a global communist revolution, Stalin modified Leninism to invoke what he called “Motherland Russia” and “socialism in one country.” So does Stalin’s nationalism make him a fascist? Obviously no

“Mussolini was opposed to traditional patriotism and conventional nationalist appeals.” Early in his career Mussolini ridiculed the Italian flag and called the army “a criminal organization designed to protect capitalism and bourgeois society.”

Fascist nationalism called upon citizens to subordinate their private concerns fully to the centralized state. This type of nationalism—let’s call it statist or collectivist nationalism—more closely resembles the American Left than the American Right, since the American Right holds, with Reagan, that “government is not the solution. Government is the problem

==The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left (D’Souza, Dinesh)

The disgusting display of pure ideologically driven vitriol and divisive propaganda spewing forth from the progressive fascists of the mainstream media is so absurd it borders on the surreal. The total disregard of the obvious fact that, even without the heinous actions of one deranged man, Charlottesville would still become a rallying cry for the anti-trump, Soros funded Storm Troopers of the radicalized left. These brainless media “pundits” all are willing to deny reality to fan the flames of racial conflict and social chaos. The street fighting was exacerbated by the intentional compression of both groups in the streets of the city and the violence certain with the decision to have the police “stand down” and let the two sides, both well prepared for battle, have at it. No one talks about the ANTIFA thugs and paid professional provocateurs that were clearly suited up for battle. It was far from a one sided street fight.

The term racist today is thrown around by the left as their most obnoxious and difficult to defend name calling with only one result sought: to inflame racial tensions and further insight violence. It reminds me of the old  catch-22 question, “so when did you stop beating your wife?”. It is a word that the propagandists have been labeling Trump with since the start of his campaign for the Presidency. He can deny it a thousand times and will still be called a racist, over and over again. As Hitler knew full-well, the constant repetition of a lie makes it real to the useful idiots in the streets.

The progressives and Democrats conveniently forget that many of their historical heroes were truly racists. From Wilson, FDR to Johnson racism ran deep. And slavery and the Democratic South went hand in hand. In fact, there was not one Republican slaveholder in the American Congress when Lincoln took office. Progressives backed the eugenics movement and Hitler gave credit to these “great” Americans for the advances in this odious “science”. The Nazi program of racial cleansing, the segregation and the euthanasia of the infirm and handicapped was based on the work of the great progressives of the early 20th century, Americans at their best. Throw out at others what you truly are, intolerant, fascistic racists.

What is now unfolding in this nation results from well over a hundred years of progressive, Fabian and cultural Marxist infection and through the control of almost all of the social, cultural and educational avenues of mass propaganda and indoctrination. A long, well thought out and extremely well executed process that is now set to destroy America and enslave us in a bubble of the elites chosen reality.

A Few Thoughts on Charlottesville

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