Truth Purge: Official Florida Narrative Is Total BULLSHIT. Something Big Is Coming….

If you think we are not in a war against forces of evil and power that have sought to destroy this nation almost since its very founding. Even if you are one of the walking brain-dead indoctrinated Zombie supplicants of the Clinton/Obama/Bush/Soros and the thousands of others of their ilk, all I can ask of you is to try and open your minds, listen to these and logically, not blindly and as objectively as you can respond the facts. Ask yourself this one question first: Why would all the major social media providers be restricting at first, and now totally removing all platform traces of the many independent voices and researchers that, with facts and evidence, have been able to destroy the “official” narratives of the evil monsters that control the Deep State, The Shadow Government and all the other names of our dystopian now? Figure it out! They cannot counter the facts. They fear the Truth, for as was said by Jesus, “the truth will set you free.“–John 8:32

Understand this!!!

We are approaching a totalitarian tyranny. Most of your freedoms, the real freedoms, and rights, have been taken away and the rest, well, the rest will soon die. Expect a major event soon, as they are reducing access to major sources that oppose their lies and Mockingbird Media Propaganda. 

The End Of Free Speech Is The Flame Of Tyranny

Have you read Marx? Have you read the works of the secular humanist and communists of the Fabian’s? Have you read the various Humanist Manifesto’s, the works of Antonio Gramsci, Adorno and

March 16, 2018
Russia will test its ‘unstoppable’ new ‘Satan 2’ nuclear missile

We are pushing Russia into this; either it is all staged as a grotesque Kabuki dance of the elites or it is a most dangerous game. With substantial evidence that the ultimate goal of the globalist pow

March 15, 2018
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