WHAT Crash Landed Over The Antarctic?

“I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth.”

―President Harry S. Truman April 4, 1950―White House Press Conference UFO SECRET FILE

During World War II, in both the European and Pacific theaters, as well as in India, strange orb-like objects of light began appearing around bombers on both sides during combat. American Air Force pilots and intelligence officers flying over Germany, and in particular, the Rhine Valley reported seeing red or orange lights that seemingly dropped in and out of linear space-time to circle their planes, and yet never appeared on any radar screen. Sometimes they flew in formation beside military aircraft; other times they raced across the sky at fantastic speeds. Described as “energy drones,” the objects often disrupted electronics aboard the warplanes while affecting gravity. Occasionally one would actually pass trans-dimensionally through the bomber, freaking out the crew. These objects became known as “Foo Fighters,” which translates as “fire” in French and German.

General Douglas MacArthur organized a group called the Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit back in 1943 to study this issue and it continues to this day. Their purpose is to recover objects of unknown origin, particularly those that are of non-Earthly origin. They obtain field intelligence information and pass it on to those who are the “keepers of this information.”

==Unacknowledged: An Expose Of The World’s Greatest Secret (Greer M.D., Steven)

Whatever this is, it is one fascinating item. This is not a gimmick and the photo is considered real and not photoshopped. I have only a small doubt that the UFO/Alien phenomenon has no basis in truth. We mere humans have such a limited understanding of reality even from the simple perspective of our absurdly low capacity to see the full spectrum of our immediate environment, but support an extraordinary capacity for anthropogenic hubris!

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The Chilean Navy UFO Video Is It A Plane

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