What Is The Real Meaning of Trump’s Presidency? (I Wish The War For America & The World Were This Simple)

The war for America is a war for the world and though the article below is terrific, it underestimates the reality we face. I am afraid that the elite driven revulsion against Trump is not simply about differing ideologies or globalism vs. nationalism or what one would expect from the entrenched powers, as they fight against the long and repeating cycles of history. It is, however, a desperate need to stay in control to keep their treasons, perversions and immense crimes against the American people and those of the world from ever being exposed.

It goes back a long way, many are long dead who should have been imprisoned or hung, unfortunately, many more are still kicking and will not go down without a very serious fight. For instance, if Trump wants to really end the opiate epidemic, then end the CIA and the same goes for the second or third most profitable trade, human trafficking. It won’t happen–even the bankers live off the trade, in fact the multi-trillion dollars in laundered cash from criminal activities, predominantly drugs, and now human trafficking, is the grease that keeps the entire global financial system afloat. American and British wealth was built on opium.

I still see the need for a true catharsis, something I cannot imagine will be nonviolent. Then the rebirth. The Dark Lords of power are deeply engaged in the heroin/cocaine for they run it! Comey was a director of HSBC and reaped $6 million from from this long standing major player in the asian opium trade going all the way back to the early 1700’s. Every major financial institution in the west is, to some degree or another, involved with the laundering of blood money and so are the elite political class. The fortunes of the east coast merchants, whose profits in the quaintly termed “China Trade”, funded the great expansion of early industrial America, from the railroads to steel.

Now, every major covert agency of the major states is, to one degree or another, deeply in bed with the cartels from Afghanistan and Albania to Columbia and Mexico. When will Trump cross the Rubicon and start a sequence that could end his life? Time will tell. I just wish we were simply watching the pendulum swinging back toward moral, ethical and political sanity, for that alone will be more than turbulent as the pervasiveness and success of the 100 plus years of the Fabian Secular Humanist and cultural Marxist poison has been far more successful than Huxley ever dreamed. However, this simply allowed for the true Hidden Hands of the power elites to manipulate the masses, with increasing receptivity, into herds of irrational, cognitively blinded robots while they consolidate power and wealth beyond anything ever seen in the history of humanity, except perhaps for the fictional Empire of Star Wars. They will not fade into the mists.

They will not renounce their evil. They will fight to the end using every subterfuge, every covert tool and every devious, illegal, immoral and unethical means to defeat the uprising of the people that brought Trump to power, even if it means the spilling of blood on American soil and war overseas.  

The CIA did not just deal drugs during the Iran-Contra era; it has done so for the full fifty years of its history. Today I will give you evidence which will show that the CIA, and many figures who became known during Iran-Contra such as Richard Secord, Ted Shackley, Tom Clines, Felix Rodriguez and George Herbert Walker Bush, who was DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] when I first became exposed to Agency drug dealing, have been selling drugs to Americans since the Vietnam era. I have been very careful to make sure that what I tell you today is admissible evidence in criminal proceedings.

The use of the drug trade to secure economic advantage goes back to the British East India Company and its first smuggling of opium from India into China in the late 1600s. It did that for 300 years.

Drugs also became the principal source of income for the wealthiest banking families associated with the Bilderberg Group, which in a variety of ways is a direct descendant of the East India Companies, both Dutch and British.

According to the International Monetary Fund’s 2001 report, “The production and laundering of drug money is central because it establishes channels for the flow of other criminal profits.” The British Foreign Office reported that “money laundering processes $1.5 trillion or 2-5% of global GDP,” The amount of profit generated annually by the drug trade is somewhere around $700 billion.

Opium trade was not simply an aberration of the British Empire. It was a crucial component of it. The British Empire, the opium trade and the rise of capitalism all occurred together.”

The drug business also created a concentration of capitalists and a global capitalist structure, without which none of what followed would have been possible. These developments took place first in London, and later in Boston and New York.

Shadow Masters: An International Network of Governments and Secret-Service Agencies Working Together with Drugs Dealers and Terrorists for Mutual Benefit and Profit (Estulin, Daniel)

“The coalescence of banking, shipping and insurance around the opium trade was one of the most remarkable features of the era. Not only did they service the opium traffic, but they became the foundation of a commercial infrastructure that ultimately supported a wide range of trade.”

==Shadow Masters: An International Network of Governments and Secret-Service Agencies Working Together with Drugs Dealers and Terrorists for Mutual Benefit and Profit (Estulin, Daniel)

This is a truly terrific article, but misses the sinister side of the war America is now immersed within. 

What Is The Real Meaning of Trump’s Presidency?

                                                       Cultural Marxism seems so often to have become a permanent and ineluctable force in the American social and political landscape.  Tens of millions have asked themselves if these “changes” can really be turned back.  Trump’s election seems to turn a corner in giving an affirmative answer to that question.  In fact, it is a definitive repudiation of decades of drift towards the left.

Thus, Trump’s ascendency to the presidency is not the final step to the restoration of America to its God-given identity as a constitutional republic supporting liberty, personal autonomy, responsibility, the sanctity of property, and the Bill of Rights.  It is an announcement of events to come.  That is the real reason for the spewing forth of so many unfounded, bitter accusations.

In ancient Babylonia, the handwriting on the wall that appeared in the palace of Belshazzar, king of the Chaldeans, announced the end of the Babylonians’ rule and the victory of the Persians over them.  In parallel fashion, the Trump presidency announces to the entrenched left that their days are numbered, and that an even greater renewal of America, a profound, encompassing repudiation of the left-wing ideology and mindset, is on the horizon.

-What Is The Real Meaning of Trumps Presidency

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