When Ukraine dropped chemical weapons on Donbass, the west didn’t care. (Of Course Not)

Our lies and hypocrisy know of no boundaries, for as long as the governing elites control the major media outlets both in America and in Europe and as long as NATO and Brussels are subservient to the will of the American Fascist Empire the lies will go unchallenged. All but the alternative media on the internet stands in the way of complete and total information and control.

The Duran

In 2014, reports surfaced of the Kiev regime using chemical weapons in their war of aggression against Donbass. The story, including multiple videos and photographs of the dropping of apparent phosphorous bombs, interestingly appeared in Sputnik and the British Daily Mail (among other outlets), a highly popular, right-wing, pro-western newspaper and website.

At the time, former British Army officer Charles Shoebridge said that the video above

“….does appear to show some of the characteristics one would expect to see with the use of white phosphorus or a similar incendiary ammunition”.

Shoebridge continued,

“In particular, a large number of brightly burning particles falling rapidly to the ground, without the assistance of for example parachutes to slow their descent, suggests this wasn’t a more commonly used illumination ammunition, such as flares…..one would associate large volumes of smoke with white phosphorus use”.

A further video clip from another vantage point can be seen here. 

In spite of this video evidence, Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov called for an investigation, he did not call for military intervention nor regime change (ironically, the war criminal regime in Kiev was brought to power by illegal western orchestrated and funded regime change).

The investigation found that Kiev’s forces did indeed drop chemical weapons on Dobass, thus confirming a war crime, in contravention to the Geneva Conventions.

Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markinrepoted,

“We have received irrefutable evidence of the use by the Kiev forces of weaponry similar to phosphorus bombs,”

The refugees bring in fragments of bombs and artillery shells, which maim and kill their loved ones. We have conducted more than a hundred tests, which all attest to (the war crimes committed by the Ukrainian military)”.

Confirmed Ukrainian use of chemical weapons in Donbass continues to be ignored by the west.

As recently as the 4th of September, 2016, reports emerged alleging that Kiev’s forces had been preparing further chemical weapons to use against Donbass, including sarin gas , the chemical weapon which was apparently used in the incident in Idlib Governorate this week.

The chemical weapons used on Donbass, were dropped by a state actor, Ukraine. In Idlib by contrast, the weapons were stockpiled by terrorist forces, operating illegally in Syria.

The US, even under Obama, admitted that in 2013, Syria had destroyed its supply of chemical weapons. More recent statements contracting the report the US co-sponsored are not based on evidence but conjuncture and total fabrications. The US hasn’t even bothered to call for an investigation into chemical weapons used by the fascist regime in Kiev, a regime which engages in an aggressive war and state sponsored terrorism.

The difference between the Idlib and Donbass attacks is staggering, yet the western war-harks want to now topple the Syrian government based on a lie, while they were silent about confirmed Ukrainian atrocities on a people exercising their right to democratic self-determination.

If those in the west actually cared about stopping the use of chemical weapons, the regime they’d be threatening with war, would be the one in Kiev, not Damascus.

Source: When Ukraine dropped chemical weapons on Donbass, the west didn't care (VIDEO)
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