White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter Deep State

Of course, the CIA does make use of “intelligence” and “intelligence gathering”, but that is largely a front for its primary interest, “Fun and Games.” The CIA is the center of a vast mechanism that specializes in Covert Operations…or as Allen Dulles used to call it, “Peacetime Operations”. In this sense, the CIA is the willing tool of a higher level Secret Team, or High Cabal, that usually includes representatives of the CIA and other instrumentalities of the government, certain cells of the business and professional world and, almost always, foreign participation. It must be made clear that at the heart of Covert Operations is the denial by the “operator,” i.e. the U.S. Government, of the existence of national sovereignty. The Covert operator can, and does, make the world his playground…including the U.S.A.

==The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and …By L. Fletcher Prouty

When we see things happening on the world scene, and we say the President made a mistake, the government made a mistake, you have to know that a government the size of the United States doesn’t make mistakes. They are well-calculated moves. They know what they are doing, and often times have a hidden agenda that they simply cannot make public. You would be amazed as to how often this happens. They have an idea, a purpose, so they don’t make mistakes. 

Will the Deep State ride on the back of the American people from failure to failure until the country itself, despite its huge reserves of human and material capital, is slowly exhausted? The dusty road of empire is strewn with the carcasses of former great powers that exhausted themselves in like manner.

==The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government (Lofgren, Mike)

The article below by The Intercept should be a rather sobering wakeup call for anyone out there who does not understand that the President and his allies within his administration and without of it, in fact,  all of the decent, moral and honest American people, are under assault in a war of that may, not only determine the fate of Donald Trump, but all of America and the world for many generations to come. This war for our democracy, our faiths, and our freedoms has been one that has been ongoing for well over 100 years, perhaps much, much longer. It is a war that most have never even remotely been aware of even though the generals arrayed against us have had little reticence in making their intentions public in word as well as action.

Their thoughts have been documented for untold generations, perhaps to pre-biblical times, yet over the past 250 years starting with the writings of the Rosicrucians and Adam Weishaupt and early chroniclers of the intentions of the Illuminati such as the Scottish philosopher John Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, published at the tail end of the French Revolution in 1797. Even David Rockefeller was not immune from the blatant hubris of his self-anointed mission to brag to all about his honor of being described as a leader of the globalist elite seeking the destruction of national sovereignty and the rise of a One World Order. And in between, and subsequent to, various leading politicians, including many American Presidents have said to all who would listen that there was a power at work far greater than any recognized government institution or agency, including that of the President himself.

As with the Fabians, including the likes of John Dewey and many much accoladed intellectuals; from the members of the Frankfurt School up to Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama, the march towards a global religion-Gaia, climate change, a global government with complete transnational control by technocrats and the corptocracy-the United Nations, TPP, and with a global policeman ( NATO etc.) It is socialism with a fascist face. It is slavery for most and unbridled, unrestrained greed and debauchery by the self-chosen few. 

The notion that the President and his appointed ally, the head of the CIA would even consider using an extra-judicial non-government organization of what would essentially be mercenaries, to take own the formidable array of wealth, power, and covert operational capabilities spanning the globe from the CIA, FBI to Mossad and the UK’s MI’s, should shake all of you to the bone. This is a war, damn it. I have been warning about the battle ahead for years now. The battle is not just against entrenched powers, it is war fighting to destroy the Satanic pedophiles whose bloodlust must be brought to the light of day, it is to destroy an evil that has permeated not only the American government but every government in the “West”, including the seat of St. Peter in Rome for far too long.

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is considering a set of proposals developed by Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a retired CIA officer — with assistance from Oliver North, a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal — to provide CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the White House with a global, private spy network that would circumvent official U.S. intelligence agencies, according to several current and former U.S. intelligence officials and others familiar with the proposals. The sources say the plans have been pitched to the White House as a means of countering “deep state” enemies in the intelligence community seeking to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.

The creation of such a program raises the possibility that the effort would be used to create an intelligence apparatus to justify the Trump administration’s political agenda.

“Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him,” said a former senior U.S. intelligence official with firsthand knowledge of the proposals, in describing White House discussions. “It is a direct-action arm, totally off the books,” this person said, meaning the intelligence collected would not be shared with the rest of the CIA or the larger intelligence community. “The whole point is this is supposed to report to the president and Pompeo directly.”

North, who appears frequently on Trump’s favorite TV network, Fox News, was enlisted to help sell the effort to the administration. He was the “ideological leader” brought in to lend credibility, said the former senior intelligence official.

Some of the individuals involved with the proposals secretly met with major Trump donors asking them to help finance operations before any official contracts were signed.

The proposals would utilize an army of spies with no official cover in several countries deemed “denied areas” for current American intelligence personnel, including North Korea and Iran. The White House has also considered creating a new global rendition unit meant to capture terrorist suspects around the world, as well as a propaganda campaign in the Middle East and Europe to combat Islamic extremism and Iran.

“I can find no evidence that this ever came to the attention of anyone at the NSC or [White House] at all,” wrote Michael N. Anton, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, in an email. “The White House does not and would not support such a proposal.” But a current U.S. intelligence official appeared to contradict that assertion, stating that the various proposals were first pitched at the White House before being delivered to the CIA. The Intercept reached out to several senior officials that sources said had been briefed on the plans by Prince, including Vice President Mike Pence. His spokesperson wrote there was “no record of [Prince] ever having met with or briefed the VP.” North did not respond to a request for comment.

According to two former senior intelligence officials, Pompeo has embraced the plan and lobbied the White House to approve the contract. Asked for comment, a CIA spokesperson said, “You have been provided wildly inaccurate information by people peddling an agenda.”

Trump White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter Deep State Enemies

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Source: Trump White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter “Deep State” Enemies

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