WHO Documents How to Respond to “Vaccine Deniers”

The Vaccine industry is one of the more corrupt and insidious of any in our increasingly brazen crony capitalist system.  The idea that an increasing number of states are forcing vaccines on their public is an example of one of the more egregious and outrageous actions of infringement on personal liberties. Unfortunately this is a trend that has become standard practice as America moves ever more rapidly towards a totalitarian police state. Vaccines are hazardous to our personal health and that of our children. The actions of our government and the progressive fascists propaganda machinery that functions at its behest is even more hazardous to the health of what is left of Americans liberty and property rights.

Stand up for your inalienable rights, stand up and say no to forced vaccinations. 

The controversy surrounding mandatory vaccines seldom is debated on science or merit. Government training materials written to persuade the public to accept mandatory vaccines rely on persuasion and even intimidation, and not facts or science.Health Impact News has previously reported how the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other government health officials have tried to silence the media in publishing anything contrary to their controlled information regarding vaccines, and have produced training documents for health workers to combat those opposed to mandatory vaccinations.

Vaccine injury data is seldom, if ever, published, and the statistics on vaccine injuries and deaths are purposely withheld from public information. Dr. Suzanne Humphries, when lecturing on vaccine safety, often references a slide presentation from Dr. Jacobson of the Mayo Clinic. It is a slide presentation developed to train doctors on how to deal with patient objectives to vaccines. Jefferey Jaxen has published something similar obtained from the World Health Organization (WHO), which is the agency responsible for worldwide sales of vaccines and distribution, particularly in poorer countries.

World Health Organization Documents How to Respond to Vaccine Deniers

Source: World Health Organization Documents How to Respond to “Vaccine Deniers”

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