Why Leftists Always Win

However, if things do not change and soon, the opposition to the collectivist, globalist left will become anything but dignified. If the rule of law is not restored, you know the one that was supposed to be blind to status in society, in wealth or the political realm where all were treated equally before the law. Obviously, for all but the most comatose among us, the cloth bound around the  head and eyes of lady justice has fallen into into a single wavering thread, at the very best. Trillions of dollars have been stolen from the American people in a relatively short period of time, with the Clinton Foundation at the pinnacle. There will be a reckoning, hopefully within our lifetimes. If not soon, however, at some point the factions already building their forces against the darkness of the pervasive corruption, depravity and greed will meet a force of will that will become overpowering.    

Stefan Molyneux will shock your sensibilities at several levels with this analysis of why the collectivist left always wins. (This applies to all types of collectivists – Nazis, Fascists, etc. – but that is another issue.) There is some gutter language here, but that is overshadowed by Molyneaux’s hammer blows against dignified and non-controversial opposition to the relentless, violent, and murderous collectivist left. Hear him out and judge for yourself. -G.Edward Griffin

The War Between Globalist, Centralized Tyranny By Elites & Freedom, National Sovereignty & Individual Rights Is Coming To A Head

Macron has EU troops and EU armored vehicles in France to suppress his own people. Though, as you may recall, this Rothschild banking and former elite child sex toy, was inaugurated not to the French

December 11, 2018
Global warming is causing more snow to fall on Antarctica? And Polar Bears are moving to New York for Cheap Condo Prices!

Do you know why the effete globalist elites know they can create such a powerfully destructive meme based on lies and absurd fabrications such as global warming’s fear-inducing sea level bullshi

December 11, 2018
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