2016 & FUTURE FOR HUMANITY – Humanity at a Crossroads–It is Far Worse than You think

I know I have been a broken record over the past few years waxing verbosely on the inevitable collapse, which is going to be far more destructive than most can imagine in their worst nightmares. We are now started the final descent. It will not be linear, but it might be so. Do not buy the dips, but sell the oversold rallies.

Do not think this is a “normal” cyclical process, it is not. It is the end of a long process of massively manipulated, directed and controlled reality that has been cloaked in lies, myths, propaganda and social manipulation that, although it is hard to believe, is and has been for generations directed by an elite whose goals have been brazenly voiced since the beginning. I have voiced this concern now for years, but there are others far more eloquent than I.

We are in a planned collapse, but not one with a monolithic leadership, but factions utilizing different techniques, seeking modestly different objectives and not necessarily coordinating between themselves. However, the ultimate end game is exactly the same; the end of nation-states, one world government and a transnational socialist/crony capitalist tyranny of such power and control that it will make any police state tyrannies of the past look like a trip to Disneyland.

If you wish to learn the truth and would like the essential reading list, feel free to email at timstraus@eastonspointcapital.com 

Take away the aliens and lizard people and David Icke has been one of the most prescient and accurate voices of truth over the illusions and mirages of the elite designed “matrix”. Listen to the whole interview–it is dead on.

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