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“When the  sole employer is the state, opposition means death by slow starvation,” Leon Trotsky, whose death came slowly by way of a quick icepick, famously observed. Nonconformity appears as the capital offense when the market serves as the main employer.If you’ve ever carried the Confederate flag at the local battle reenactment, vocalized doubts of whether those Spanish-speaking men milling outside the 7/Eleven represent the best Mexico offers, or, like a sucker, donated a small amount of money to a ballot affirmation of traditional marriage predictably destined for a squashing under the gavel of a man in a black dress, hide the evidence. If you’ve expressed a preference for Kim Kardashian over step-fathermother Caitlyn, even in your dreams, keep this bigoted prejudice in favor of ciswomen to yourself. If you’ve ever written for The American Spectator, delete it from your résumé.Free speech increasingly comes at a price.Donald Trump won’t starve, slowly or otherwise. But NBC kicking him off the air, Macy’s pulling merchandise connected with him, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing a review of the city’s business relationships with the billionaire presidential candidate all strike as retaliatory measures beyond garden-variety political hardball. Clumsily articulating support for enforcing immigration laws on the books now amounts to a crime—a hate crime.

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