Americans’ Trust in Executive, Legislative Branches Down


I can understand the racial, and government dependency voting blocks intransigence, but the ideologically driven willful blindness and self-delusional, psychologically personality defining inability to objectively ingest disturbing truths of such a large majority of democrats is astounding to me.

The majority of liberal/progressives that have abandoned absolutes regarding religions and moral and ethical truths are now so dependent on their political belief systems that anything that might raise self-awareness and doubt is mentally ostracized and rationalized away. This can be an equally dangerous disease for the conservative patriot as well, but far less so because we believe in absolutes and thus have something outside of ourselves that is an eternal truth to posit political ethics against.

Americans’ Trust in Executive, Legislative Branches Down–Trust in all branches of federal government at or near record lows

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ trust in each of the three branches of the federal government is at or near the lows in Gallup’s trends, dating back to the early 1970s. Americans’ trust in the legislative branch fell six percentage points this year to a new low of 28%. Trust in the executive branch dropped eight points, to 43%, and trust in the judicial branch, at 61%, is also the lowest measured to date.


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