Antifa Swarms NYC for ‘F-ck the Police’ Demonstration, Vandalize and Sabotage Public Transit Entrances to Protest Fares

Antifa, the deranged communist street thugs, funded by George Soros, Obama, and a variety of members of the radical progressive elites seeking to destroy America, will not fade away. Regardless of the collapse of the Democratic party and the rising tide of nationalist populism, that is only gaining more and more adherents every day, expect these seething social outcasts to reach a level of street violence on par with Weimer Germany.

They will become increasingly violent, driven in good part by the desperation of their puppet masters, the billionaires, and corrupt who are losing their protracted war for global control and the end of an independent, sovereign America. However disruptive, their efforts will fail. In fact, the reaction of the American people will be the opposite of the stated goals of Antifa and their comrades in arms.

“Violence alone, violence committed by the people, violence organized and educated by its leaders, makes it possible for the masses to understand social truths and frees them from despair and inaction.”

Who has not dreamed of violence? That fantastical violence which will drown in blood, wash away in blood, not only generation upon generation of horror, but will also release the individual horror, carried everywhere in the heart?”

—Frantz Fanon

As Jamie Glazov notes in his book United in Hate, the totalitarian believer publicly denies the violent pathologies within the system that he worships. Privately, however, these are what drew him towards that system in the first place because he is aware that violence is necessary to destroy the old order so that utopia can arise from its ashes.

Antifa Swarms NYC for ‘F-ck the Police’ Demonstration, Vandalize and Sabotage Public Transit Entrances to Protest Fares

BREAKING: Far-left activists, antifa swarm NYC—multiple arrests made

BREAKING: Chaos in NYC…Antifa Swarms Grand Central Station [Videos]

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