Bangladeshi-American blogger hacked to death after denouncing Islamic extremism

Barack ObamaAmerican blogger who spoke out against religious extremism is hacked to death on the street by Bangladeshi Muslim militants ‘in retaliation for U.S. strikes on ISIS’

Dr Avijit Roy was attacked by cleaver-wielding gang of extremists outside university mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Thursday

Militants Ansar Bangla 7 claimed responsibility, saying his U.S. citizenship made killing a ‘2 in 1′ – doubling as revenge for Syria intervention

Doctors examining Roy’s body said the attack had the hallmarks of professional killers, who acted with ‘planning, skill and brutality’

dr-avijit-roy-2Police believe attack linked to Dhaka university – but have made no arrests

Wife Rafida Ahmed also attacked and hospitalized in critical condition

Couple live in Atlanta, Georgia, and were visiting Dhaka for a book fair

Bio-engineer and prominent blogger spoke out against religious extremism

U.S. condemned ‘horrific’ murder but it could not ascribe a motive


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via Bangladeshi-American blogger hacked to death after denouncing Islamic extremism | The Muslim Issue.


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