Ben Carson: 2016 election may not happen

 I am sure most of you saw this interview on Sunday or the various postings following it. Besides respecting Dr. Carson’s opinions, I must add that I could not Bu9A0J6CYAIR4Jqagree with him more on this one point as it something I started mentioning a few years ago. It is not outside of the possible, by any means. There are two possibilities for the 2016 presidential election, either it will be fraudulent or it will not happen. If it is the first of these possibilities, it likely may still end up as the last presidential election in the America we have known.

Getting to 2016 without serious, disruptive domestic and international chaos is going to be virtually impossible. The tea leaves are reading “repression” and possible martial law. At the least the American people will find out what the massive amount of ammunition and arms purchased by practically every government agency over the past five years was to be used for, and we will not have to complain about the budgetary waste! 

Ben Carson: 2016 election may not happen.

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