Ben Shapiro: Republicans Secretly Want Obama’s Amnesty

Of course they do–it has been a core traditional Republican goal now for some time as it is backed by the crony capitalist class. It is a terrific source of cheep labor and for expanding the necessary divisiveness within the proletariat class itself in order to keep the natural and potentially explosive pressures off the real issues and away from the plutocracy.

One party! There is only one true party in this nation with factions, but most of us have bought so fully into the total illusion of the party based political democracy we simply refuse to see through the fog. It would simply be too damn unsettling. Ignorance and self-willed delusion are preferable, that is until reality becomes so powerful it breaks the screen around our collective mind. Then chaos will reign.

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20% Unemployment Coming, At Least. A World That Will Never Be The Same… And, Unfortunately, More “Unexpected” (only for the masses) Events Yet To Come. 2020 is the New 1618!

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March 18, 2020
This Was Planned To Do Exactly What It Is Doing: Forced Vaccines, Gun Confiscations, Population Control, Economies, Global Fascism

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March 17, 2020
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