‘Bestiality’ claims by rights group against peacekeepers in Central African Republic

Almost 100 girls in Central African Republic reported they were sexually abused by international peacekeepers, and three told UN staff they were tied up, undressed, and forced to have sex with a dog by a French military commander in 2014, according to a US campaign group.AIDS-Free World’s Code Blue Campaign to end sexual abuse and exploitation said the three girls told a UN human rights officer that a fourth girl tied up with them later died of an unknown disease.The group said the information it received from 98 girls – including the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl in another part of the country on Monday – was in the hands of senior UN officials.

-Bestiality claims by rights group against peacekeepers in Central African Republic

Source: ‘Bestiality’ claims by rights group against peacekeepers in Central African Republic

Instead, numerous Blue Helmets have used their position as an opportunity to engage in acts of rape and paedophilia. This abuse of power is no secret: it first emerged over a year ago. In fact, it is so widespread that the United Nations was subject to an independent report “on the Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by International Peace Keeping Forces.”

In exchange for the assistance they were deployed in order to provide, in exchange for basic necessities such as food and water, UN soldiers have been sexually exploiting children. The Blue Helmets attacked the very people they were sent to protect. Children as young as 7 have been targeted, with a girl forced to perform “oral sex on French soldiers in exchange for a bottle of water and a sachet of cookies.”

Three girls reported being stripped, tied up, and forced to engage in bestiality with a dog by a French military commander.

Source: UN Soldiers Are Committing Widespread Child Rape | Heat Street

This has been going on for years, if not since the first UN boot was stamped on the ground. The organization is evil and corrupt from the top down to the footsoldiers.

Nothing will change–this is the future.

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We Have No Idea What The Underlying Reality IS. However, I assure you it is more evil than anything you can imagine.

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