Bloomberg Even Has to Admit He Has Delivered.

Why do they hate him so much? Because he is coming for them; the corrupt, the seditious and treasonous, the American elite supporters of terrorism, the Satanic pedophiles, and the child sex traffickers as well as the human organ harvesting from live captives, the CIA/Bush/Clinton cocaine and heroin cartels. There is far more going on under the surface of the apparent as is always the case within the political realm, much more. One can judge the underworld fear of long, long overdue justice by the aggressiveness of their controlled corporate media frenzy that has continued, like the stock market, hit new highs; but in this case in levels of total and complete insanity.

Besides arresting, prosecuting and throwing the guilty in prison as long as the law and justice allow, President Trump must avoid the war the Deep State and global elites have been posturing for; over the next four years he must end the American Empire once and for all times.

Is Trump making America great again? Kind Of

Before Trump’s inauguration, we picked the best indicators to judge the impact of his policies and determine whether the economy is living up to Trump’s pre-election promises. Now, almost a year later, we return to see if they’re doing great, just all right, or worse.

Beyond gross domestic product growth and better-known figures such as wages and the trade deficit, other metrics worth watching include the percentage of the population on food stamps and the share of prime-age workers in the labor force. With the help of Carl Riccadonna, chief U.S. economist for Bloomberg Economics, we’ve divided the indicators into three groups: those improving, the ones staying about the same and figures that are going in the wrong direction. We’ll also tell you how he expects them to perform in the years ahead.

So, is Trump making America great again? Riccadonna’s answer: “Kind of.” “The economy is strengthening of its own merit,” and outgoing Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen put the U.S. firmly on the path to being great again, he says. “That being said, business confidence has soared under Trump—and animal spirits are a critical ingredient of capitalism.”

Trump Is Kind of Making America Great Again

Source: Is Trump making America great again? Kind of.

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