BREAKING: Trump to Cut Every Single Fed. Department Except This 1… Liberals Horrified

Fascism-1Sounds good, but will the giant bureaucracies in Washington let this happen? Will the system, the elites on both sides of the factional spectrum defined as democrat and republican, let this man become President. Will those who clearly carry great disdain for democracy and the will of the people allow it.

America is facing its biggest test, perhaps ever, in its existence as an independent sovereign nation. As the curtain is being pulled back on the reality of who rules, will Toto be allowed to pull it all the way or will he be captured and sent to the pound. Is there a threat of a true reactionary tyranny ahead? Very, very possible.

Trump has already indicated that he’d cut two of the liberals’ favorite federal departments. In the Michigan debate, he said he would cut the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency.

I may cut Department of Education,” Trump said back in October. “I believe Common Core is a very bad thing. I believe that we should be — you know, educating our children from Iowa, from New Hampshire, from South Carolina, from California, from New York.

“I think that it should be local education,” he explained.

“I like the concept of the Penny Plan,” Trump said. “Not for the military, because the military we have to build up.”

“It’s a pretty good plan,” he added. “And it’s a pretty simple plan.”

Source: BREAKING: Trump to Cut Every Single Fed. Department Except This 1… Liberals Horrified

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