Chaos is here–Statistician: Data proves biblical financial collapse

I am still preoccupied with the final few days of my very healthy cathartic cleansing of the many years of excessive, compulsive and totally unnecessary accumulation of “things”. I am now very close to becoming a totally mobile traveler with sufficient clothing, my two Labradoodles, Maddox and his mother Cleo, computers and well stocked Kindle. Who on earth needed a 1,000 ties and several racks of suits, all of course from the right labels? There will many well-dressed indigents walking the streets of Providence and the towns of Rhode Island. This process has been truly liberating and, I am afraid, just in time.

However, whether one believes in the Biblical prognostications and cycle predictions of the more religiously minded or the historically very accurate forecasts of long cycle mathematical wave analysts such as Martin Armstrong, all one needs do is open ones mind to even a smidgen of reality to see that something of historic, if not downright tectonic economic, geopolitical and civilizational proportions is occurring. Chaos is descending on America and the world. Shake off the blinders of the state and the ruling establishments propaganda, that has controlled most of our minds since birth, and the disintegration of what has been nothing more than a Potemkin Village, built on fiat currency, credit and unsustainable lies and false myths, will become an almost visceral manifestation of a reality too long denied.

Civilizations in collapse follow the dynamics of Chandrasekhar’s limits. As with my law of Hubris, the greater the magnitude and duration of the delusions, the greater the magnitude and the duration of the implosion. Supernova or black hole depends on these laws. One leads to recreation and ultimately survival the other to total annihilation.

A few quick thoughts: Collapse, Chaos, Suppression, Rebirth

  • mapThe massive migration of Islamic people into Europe that is now occurring at an accelerated rate, is not unprecedented. When the nomadic hordes of Huns first settled into what is now Hungary around 370 A.D. and expanded into what was still the Roman Empire under it’s founding city they pushed the various “Barbarian” tribes into the heart of the Empire and the rest, as they say, is history. Then came the Mongols in the 13th Century and a period of human displacement never seen before nor, for that matter, a scale of death and destruction that was not surpassed until the 20th Century. Finally, there was the invasion of the Muhammadans an invasion that has clearly resumed.
  • One might find the response to the unfolding Islamic invasion by the technocratic leadership of many of the most prominent of the European politicians, at least those whose ambitions transcend what were once called their national borders, somewhat irrationally PC, but they are anything but. By welcoming the displaced Muslims of the Middle East, of course most of whom are suffering from the direct actions taken over the past few years to destroy their homelands by those now extending their hands with food, shelter and crocodile tears, those seeking to destroy any remaining sense of nationality defined as states with distinct cultures, common language and belief systems, as well as, defined by protected national borders are pushing the One World Order. A world that they, whether from Brussels or Berlin, wish to have a direct hand in ruling.
  • The destruction of the “Nation” is far more advanced in Europe than in the North America, but the goals of the ruling elites are exactly the same, and it is intended that America succumb as well to losing it’s sense of nation and become nothing more than a leading State power in a globalized system. A system ruled by technocrats and the oligarchs of finance and production.  
  • The coming financial and economic collapse will result in a bloody battle in Europe, as the right and anyone that still maintains a sense of national pride and patriotism tries to assert themselves over those forces seeking to expand their power and rule through the destruction of all that once defined their very cultural essence and vibrancy. The same process, with different colors and cultural conflicts will unfold in the United States.
  • Cultural and national homogenization serves only one purpose which has been the goal of ruling elites since the early years of the last century, if not prior; to reduce opposition to the increasingly tyrannical authority of transnational finance capital combined with the coercive powers of a more globalized, transnationalist State.
  • Opposition to this dystopian future is growing in America, as evidenced by the unforeseen political dynamics that are causing the ruling elites palpable angina.
  • In Europe there will be increasing violence, as in America.
  • There will be false flag diversionary tactics, if not outright war.
  • Religious, ethnic and racial hatreds will be intentionally fanned and then militarily suppressed.
  • The processes unfolding will take a number of years before there is any confidence left in any government, anywhere. Out of chaos comes order. not the kind of order imposed by force nor an order supported by the brainwashing, propaganda and lies supplied by a self-chosen elite. Freedom, will in the end win out over tyrannical fascism, but getting there is going to be very, very painful for most of us.
  • The equity markets are insane, manipulated and now increasingly devoid of predictive foresight. Get out now, if you have not already done so. 
  • The world has been in a deflationary spiral since at least 2007 with cyclical inflationary perturbations–this is going to end very badly and anyone taking risks with capital now is playing a game of Russian Roulette. 

Get ready – because the best of times are over and the worst of times may have just begun.That is the assessment of an Israeli mathematician who has studied the biblical Shemitah cycle as it applies to the financial markets.Thomas Pound is an educator and mathematician who applies his statistical wizardry to the markets.The Dow fell another 468 points, or 3 percent, Tuesday, providing fresh evidence for investors the sell-off which began in August was no mirage. It is likely to continue in September.Only eight more trading days remain until the dreaded Elul 29, which is the final day of the Shemitah year, known as “wipe out day” on the Hebrew calendar.

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Source: Statistician: Data proves biblical financial collapse

EU migration crisis: Trespassers ‘on Eurostar train roofs’ as passengers wait 16 hours – live – Telegraph

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MILWAUKEE — Cities across the nation are seeing a startling rise in murders after years of declines, and few places have witnessed a shift as precipitous as this city. With the summer not yet over, 104 people have been killed this year — after 86 homicides in all of 2014.More than 30 other cities have also reported increases in violence from a year ago. In New Orleans, 120 people had been killed by late August, compared with 98 during the same period a year earlier. In Baltimore, homicides had hit 215, up from 138 at the same point in 2014. In Washington, the toll was 105, compared with 73 people a year ago. And in St. Louis, 136 people had been killed this year, a 60 percent rise from the 85 murders the city had by the same time last year.

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Source: Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities – The New York Times

“Basically they are rebooting Agenda 21,” said Tom DeWeese, president and founder of the American Policy Center, and they are calling on the world’s most visible religious leader to promote the agenda.The U.N. 2030 Agenda includes 17 goals that aim for the re-ordering of all human activity.Despite the failure of Agenda 21 to “end poverty,” the pope and the U.N. will ask 193 national leaders to go home from the Sept. 25-27 summit and promote the new U.N. plan to usher in its planned global utopia, DeWeese said.“These same NGOs (who failed to end poverty through Agenda 21) are headed to New York City to announce their new 2030 Agenda to ‘Transform the World,’” he said. “The preamble to the document says ‘All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan.’”

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Source: ‘Mega’ Agenda 21 resurrected with pope’s help

Armed Black Panthers marched in front of the Waller County jail and shouted, “You’re gonna stop doing what you’re doing, or we will start creeping up on you in the darkness.”

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Source: Armed Black Panthers to Texas Cops: ‘We Will Start Creeping Up on You in the Darkness’

A perceived state of hyped up confusion only leads to easy manipulation. As we know, this is where social engineers always steer humanity.  They call it “chaos theory” for one. It’s a scientifically proven formula well documented throughout their control manuals and has proven true though decades if not centuries of installation into the projected world paradigm. That they have forecasted these devices is testament to their bravado and arrogant confidence that they are in control without question over the “plebeians” they like to think they dominate.

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Source: The Unravelling – Zen Gardner

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