Chicago Cops Who Exposed Department Corruption, Threatened with “Going Home in a Casket” | The Free Thought Project

badcopChicago, IL — Two Chicago police officers have launched a federal lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department. The allegations made against the department make the Gestapo look like the boy scouts.

Shannon Spalding and her partner Daniel Echeverria uncovered a massive level of corruption in their department, leading to the arrest of other officers.

After the first two cops had been initially arrested in their investigation, the department pulled the plug before any more officers could suffer the consequences of their actions.

“At one point, we were actually told the investigation was too big,” Spalding said. “There were allegations of other supervisors as well, that we were never allowed to investigate.”

“I think that the public should be very angry that corruption is allowed to continue, and that officers who want to report it are retaliated against,” said Spalding. “The code of silence is so strong, the fear of what will happen to you is so strong, that nobody wants to come forward.”

public_corruption_1Echeverria and Spalding were subsequently blackballed and labelled as “IAD Rats.”

The events following their investigation is what led to these two officers filing a federal lawsuit.

“My life, my safety my freedom was threatened,” Spalding told NBC 5 Investigates. “I was subjected to daily harassment.”

A third officer came forward and has given a sworn affidavit that corroborates the officers’ allegations. Twenty-year department veteran, Janet Hanna, says she witnessed the harassment these two officers faced after they were reassigned to her unit.

“They were given dead end jobs that would lead to no arrests,” she said. “I couldn’t continue to see that kind of treatment.”

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Chicago Cops Who Exposed Department Corruption, Threatened with “Going Home in a Casket” | The Free Thought Project.

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