China’s tragic choice: Run the factories and sacrifice the workers, or halt the factories and lose the nation— Coronavirus Update: 45,000 (way under-reported) Confirmed Cases, California Patient Accidentally Released

With all of the crises popping off all around the globe, one might wonder if God is effecting a world-wide variation of the Cloward-Piven method to overwhelm humanity’s abilities to cope. Here, in the United States, no matter what is happening anywhere else on the planet, the mainstream media focus seems unable to stray but for a few seconds, from the politics of defeating Donald Trump. Yet even the most brainwashed among us must be aware of that the tectonic pressure shaking the ground upon which our civilization stands is not a localized phenomenon. The year twenty-twenty could be the year where everything changes, where human consciousness begins to break through the delusions of the uber elites created and manipulated systems of control.

We are only in the middle of the second month of the year and already overwhelmed. There are plagues from viruses to locusts. Political pressures whose only outlets seem to lead to inevitable violence and revolution. We are in the early stages of systemic agricultural failures form a solar cycle we cannot control that will fan the flames of global tensions. And suffering under an elite whose progressive transnationalist communist viewpoints are divorced from the perspectives of the people over whom they are desperately seeking to maintain their rule. The only thing missing is financial and economic collapse, and that is very likely not too far off in the distance. Do you not get the distinct sense that things are about to explode everywhere and in unison?

(Natural News) As the coronavirus pandemic continues to explode across China, the communist Chinese regime faces a desperate choice. I covered this in a special Saturday video report with (see below), as well as on a hard-hitting interview today with Alan Keyes and Bob Sisson on the IAMtv channel (see video below).

Essentially, China must now decide to either run the factories and lose up to 15% of the workers to the virus, or close the factories and lose the nation to economic collapse and political revolution.

Yes, it’s that bad. (Welcome to the end of the world as we know it.)

If you run the factories and pretend the outbreak isn’t real, you keep the economy humming but you end up sacrifice a large number of workers who get killed by the coronavirus pandemic. While China currently claims a 2.1% mortality rate, realistic assessments put that number closer to 15%.

If you close the factories and enforce long-term quarantines to save lives, you suffer a devastating economic implosion, likely followed by massive social upheaval and possible collapse of the ruling communist regime. After all, people only tolerate communism when they have enough to eat and some of them are getting rich. Take away the food, the money, and public safety, and any regime will struggle to stay in power.

Source: China’s tragic choice: Run the factories and sacrifice the workers, or halt the factories and lose the nation –

Factory workers will be pushed until they literally drop dead

What all this means is that China is going to power through the pandemic at gunpoint, forcing workers to run the machines until they literally drop dead. At that point, rapid response cremation teams will scurry away with the bodies and heave them into mass ovens that are already running 24/7.

China will soon dispense will all safety gear such as hazmat suits, masks, and gloves. For one thing, eliminating the gear creates the (false) impression that the virus no longer exists. But more importantly, the government has already come to realize that everyone is going to be exposed sooner or later. They know that roughly 85% will survive exposure and 15% will die. The 85% will be able to come into contact with the virus even while wearing no safety gear since they’ve already been exposed and cured. According to media reports, even China’s own military and police personnel are already largely infected. It’s getting to the point where wearing protective gear is pointless.

Effectively, the Chinese government has now decided to run a massive medical experiment called, “expose everyone and see what happens.” They figure they can still survive after a 15% mortality rate, especially since Chinese citizens own no guns and have no First Amendment freedoms to speak out.

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