Clinton “Accepts” $20 Million From Planned Parenthood – And Wants to Fund them More!

prison hillaryHow corrupt does this disgusting, lying pancaked beast need to be before the American people scream ENOUGH? If Hillary Clinton is not indicted it will be a clear sign that the rule of law in America is truly dead. If the ideologically blinded can not remove their mental slavery to their cognitive dissonance and the self-delusions driving them over the cliff into an abyss of total lobotomized surreality, a level of the absurd almost impossible to imagine, the only path is civil war. Truth and justice will eventually out, but eventually can be a long time, a time of great disruption.

Stick a fork in this evil animal now. 

hillary_forkedPlanned Parenthood has committed to spending $20 million on Ms. Clinton anyway. This seems odd given that we are so often told that Planned Parenthood needs to be subsidized by taxpayers. I suppose this is one of the reasons we are told that Planned Parenthood needs to be subsidized.This is “circular flow” crony capitalism. Lobby for taxpayer money to further one’s agenda.* Then take that money and support advocates in government who can then secure more funding. Rinse and repeat. Crony capitalism need not always be big banks or unions or pharma.

Clinton calls for increased Planned Parenthood funding

Clinton Accepts 20 Million From Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton Email Said to Include Material Exceeding ‘Top Secret’ – The New York Times


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