There are many hidden conspiracies out there and anyone who still believes that the word conspiracy is an unthinkable four letter word, they are beyond hope, consumed by the massive brainwashing and propaganda campaign that started in the mid 1960’s following the now infamous CIA memo that resulted in one of the most successful of the power elites mass mind control programs. However, the real question is not the number of government/corporate/charitable-foundation based illegal and treasonous actions by two or more individuals, but the level of coordination and of linkages between these criminal group actions, many of which not only span the globe but also multiple generations.  

The ultimate unknown is correlated directly with the question of interrelationships. For, if there is even a general awareness; of the corruption, criminality, and even deep perversions among the tribe of power elites that dominate the inner sanctums, and who control governments and the propaganda machinery that keeps the masses compliant and dumb, if they share some sense of an overarching conspiracy between themselves there is only one question that must be asked and answered soon:

Will they allow the revolution of people power, that one must assume has surprised the complacent, over confident cabal of the power hungry, to force them from the seats of power in the capitals and boardrooms they own around the globe? If the answer is NO, then prepare for anything. Prepare for war, martial law, mass murders, blatant voter fraud and the end of the pretense of democracy.

If  you believe that power does not relinquish its privileges, stolen or bequeathed, willingly than prepare to defend your remaining freedoms, perhaps even your life. 

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