Clinton: Don’t You Want to See a Woman President – Yes, But God Help Us if It Is You–

 Be Afraid America–Be Very Afraid

You very likely have seen some of these, but if not take the time to watch them..please. Even if you have seen them before, watch them again. If Hillary becomes President of this nation–we are more than doomed. Unfortunately, we very likely are no matter who is “elected”. The system now rules us, we are deceived into thinking it is the other way around.

We are already in a dictatorship and all of us, at least anyone sentient and not yet completely brainwashed into a lobotomized delusional state are at risk. Hillary in the Oval Office will just mean there will be no dissent, the little there is that is left of it, but that those who do not believe her Godlike status may end up in some FEMA camp, behind bars or worse. Hillary is the devil incarnate and her servant has always been her debauched husband.  Hell is what she will bring, and I am an agnostic! 

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