Clinton Forces Dominate DNC Platform–Corptocracy Rules: Willful Blindness Or Idiots

It boggles the mind to think of any remotely rational being in America believing the most corrupt, greedy and power hungry woman to ever walk the pavements of this nation, that if elected President of the United States would not rapidly find a way to push the two major corporatist trade deals down our collective throats.

But then, as Trump rather eloquently put today, she will perform her Svengali magic and convince her brain dead adulators that she, the all knowing God, with a turn of a phrase and a comma here and there, has made these two horrendous supplications to corporate omnipotence, all for the price of wealth and power, accommodative to the continued sovereignty of America and the wellbeing of its people.  

She is evil. She will say and do anything to attain the Oval Office. She has seduced the sheeple of America to willingly prostrate themselves upon the lobotomy table of progressive irrationality to receive their just rewards: transnational corporate slavery.

How can so many be so blind? 

Source: Clinton Forces Dominate DNC Platform, Demolishing Key Sanders Issues

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We Have No Idea What The Underlying Reality IS. However, I assure you it is more evil than anything you can imagine.

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