CNN Depicts ‘History-Making’ Hillary Clinton As Glowing ‘Golden God’

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NBC Nightly News was all in on praising Hillary Clinton Tuesday, even going so far as to run a segment tilted “Kids React to First Woman Nominee.” “No matter what your politics are, no matter what happens in November, history is being made right now in this country, as it has its first woman presumptive nominee of a major party,” stated NBC’s Lester Holt, leading into the segment.

Hillary Clinton is a name that already gets a lot of ink in U.S. History books,” proclaimed NBC reporter Rehema Ellis. The segment was filled with interviews from grade school kids who only had glowing things to say about the presumptive Democrat nominee. It’s hard to image that kids that young would have any idea of what controversies she has been involved in.

Ellis invoked the kids numerous times during her report to praise Clinton.

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Source: CNN Depicts ‘History-Making’ Hillary Clinton As Glowing ‘Golden God’

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