Code Pink: Lady-Zones in Regensburg | Gates of Vienna

How absurd has our world become? What will rip the surreal facade of insanity that envelops us all, to let reason and rational thought once again reign supreme? Unfortunately, it will require a tear in the fabric that generations of brainwashing wove to be brought only by the near collapse of our civilization, a process well under way. 

“Women-only taxis” and “Lady-zones”: Regensburger politician urges pink security zones in city buses. In order for women and girls to feel safe from sexual harassment, the Regensburg City council is discussing specially designed “Lady Zones” in its city busses.

They are also envisioning “Women-Only Taxis”.Christian Janele of the Christian-Socialists (CSB) had turned in an application in November of 2015 — before the mass sexual assaults in Cologne took place. The city planning commission will discuss this issue on Tuesday.

Code Pink Lady-Zones in Regensburg

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