Copenhagen bars tired of ‘Sharia patrols’ rampage & threats–Our Death Wish

Does the West have a death wish? Are we so brainwashed and indoctrinated by the progressives universalist cultural Marxism and its underlying PC mantra that our self-loathing for our cultural heritage and the “mystic chords” that have bound us into a civilization surpassed by none, but not without its serious flaws, that it is now one that we have decided to murder while asleep? Perhaps, this is the psychological state of all civilizations peering into the abyss of guilt and a murky cesspool whose reflection is only that of our myriad historical sins and current unhinged morality, but not that of our greatest achievements.

Western Civilization is suffering a version of cultural PTSD, the result of an accumulation of toxins built up over generations that has slowly been eroding our self-respect and has been accentuated by the licentiousness and lack of purpose, a general ennui that is the direct  result of the destruction of God, truth and the absolute by science and the almost total success of the secular left’s Humanist Manifesto.

We are a vacuum without purpose and nature abhors a vacuum.

download (100)A group of bar owners from one of Copenhagen’s suburbs, who have beenndlessly harassed by Muslim youth activists trying to impose a so-called “Shariah zone”, have taken their case to a government minister, urging her to protect their businesses and the locals.

Source: Copenhagen bars tired of ‘Sharia patrols’ rampage & threats raise issue with integration minister — RT News

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