Coronavirus Could Be on the Verge of Worldwide Breakout -Updates–This Virus Is Not Going Away Soon..The Damage Has Already Been Immense

Given that even the mainstream media has caught on to the extent and risks of the Covid19 ( I still prefer the Wuhan Coronavirus with all of its political incorrectness) I will be, after this post, only providing what I think may be undiscovered nuggets and insights that might be overlooked. However, I still believe that the MSM and most Americans are radically underestimating the impact of this pandemic. 

The death of the globalist elites open borders, free trade and national sovereignty destroying “liberal” transnationalist order may be yet premature to exclaim. Yet, enough nails are being hammered into the coffin of this elite-driven, top-down ideologies coffin due to the Wuhan virus that it will take events of unprecedented persuasion to revive the decaying body lying within it.  We were sold a bill of goods by the useless ideologues of our supposed fonts of brilliance on University campuses and Washington think-tanks. Free-trade benefits the corporate elites and increases the disparities in wealth that have now reached dangerous and revolution inspiring statistics. And what the Wuhan virus has now shown so glaringly is that global just in time supply chains are inherently carrying far greater risks than we were lead to believe.

Coronavirus Could Be on the Verge of Worldwide Breakout

Chinese Coronavirus Patient Reinfected 10 Days After Leaving Hospital

Fewer than 600 people “officially” tested for coronavirus in the entire United States; massive cover-up underway as 47 U.S. states have tested ZERO people –

Natural News) With each passing day of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s becoming more and more clear that the United States is following the “Wuhan plan” for how to contain coronavirus infections: Avoiding testing people, and you can then avoid reporting any “confirmed infections.”

Given the tens of thousands of Chinese nationals entering the United States of America every month, the thousands of Chinese students and the many thousands of residents who are under “observation” by state health authorities in places like Washington and California, a reasonable person might expect that the CDC has so far tested at least 10,000 people for the CoVid-19 coronavirus. But guess how many the CDC has actually tested

BOMBSHELL: Fewer than 600 people “officially” tested for coronavirus in the entire United States; massive cover-up under way as 47 U.S. states have tested ZERO people –

China’s economy continues to collapse as domestic car sales plunge a whopping 92% on spread of Wuhan coronavirus –

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