Coronavirus: Over Fifty Thousand New Infections Per Day? China Launches Biological Warfare Agenda: Covertly Infiltrates Plane With “Trojan Horse” Coronavirus Carrier

We have entered a period of time in our history when relying on our recent past as a guide to how we should be interpreting and preparing for the near-term future will be as assuredly dangerous to our health, even to our very survival, as any point in hundreds of years. It has been over 500,000 years since the last magnetic pole flip, and 11,500 years since the last ice age. It has been over 370 years since the last deep Grand Solar Minimum and the bubonic plague that decimated London and much of Europe. And it has been 100  years since the Spanish flu killed up to 50 million people worldwide and an estimated 670,000 in the United States.

Looking back to the Zika virus scam or the fear-mongering surounding the Sars outbreak as a guide to our blase attitudes towards the Wuhan coronavirus is as short-sighted and dangerous as preparing for the seas to rise from global warming when the world is clearly heading into a renewed mini-ice age, if not the real deal. Recency bias is a killer when humanity is facing long cycle risks where the historical evidence should be flashing danger signs of blinding brilliance. 

This viral pandemic is the real deal. The accelerating weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field and rapidly migrating magnetic poles are signs of a pole shift very possibly within the lifetime of many alive today. And, there can be no doubt that our planet and Sun have entered a Grand Solar Minimum very likely equal to that of the Maunder, if not worse.

China Launches Biological Warfare Agenda: Covertly Infiltrates Plane With “Trojan Horse” Coronavirus Carrier

Travel Bans and Quarantines Won’t Stop Coronavirus

Coronavirus Live Updates Wuhan Rounds Up the Infected as the Death Toll Climbs Again

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