Dad of SEAL Killed in Benghazi Blasts Hillary Over Records Exposed By JW – Judicial Watch

The father of the retired Navy SEAL murdered in the Benghazi terrorist attack wasn’t the least bit surprised to see State Department records—uncovered last week by Judicial Watch—that show Hillary Clinton’s top aides knew from the outset that the U.S. compound was under attack by armed terrorists and not spontaneous protestors upset over a video.

CHUCKMAN - CLINTON HILLARY - GERMAN UNIFORM - AIN'T OVER UNTIL THE LADY IN THE PANTSUIT SAYS IT ISIn an interview with JW this week, Charles Woods, the father of Ty Woods, the Navy SEAL who handled security for diplomats, expressed overwhelming frustration over the repeated lies and apparent cover-up surrounding the deadly September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Special Mission in Libya. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the first diplomat to be killed overseas in decades, and three other Americans, including Ty Woods, were murdered in the violent ambush.

The Obama administration immediately said the onslaught was triggered by an obscure, anti-Muslim internet video and this has served as the official line to the American public. However, Judicial Watch has gone to court and managed to obtain droves of government records that prove the administration knew from the outset that it was never a spontaneous demonstration against an internet video but rather an attack by armed assailants tied to a terrorist group. The latest batch of State Department documents obtained by JW last week make no reference to a spontaneous demonstration or internet video, except in an official statement issued to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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via Dad of SEAL Killed in Benghazi Blasts Hillary Over Records Exposed By JW – Judicial Watch.

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