Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our decisions? – TED Talk

An old TED Talk from 2008, but of obvious permanence in its message. The reason, besides its intrinsic fascination, that I find it worthy of reposting is simple, to remind ourselves how simple it is for the corporate/government controlled messages bombarding everyone of us in this nation, practically every waking moment, can dictate our perceptions of reality. It was the Creel Commission, led by Edward Bernays, initiated by Woodrow Wilson to reformulate the way Americans thought of the Germans, who were one of the largest European immigrant populations comprising the nations population at the time, and to change the overwhelming majority opinion against our entry into what was the European War, a war that became World War when Wilson reneged on his election promise.

This set in motion the most effective propaganda machinery ever yet devised.  From posters of babies being bayoneted by demons like German “Huns”,  to Iraqis pulling babies out of incubators and smashing their skulls on the hospital floors, to 9/11 to gruesome pictures of ISIS beheading an American everything, even of the Ferguson’s riots, based on truth or total fiction, can be utilized by the system and its goals to manipulate our collective minds. We see what the illusionist’s want us to see.

It is up to each of us to try and push back on the deep fog surrounding our thoughts and find truth. Truth is rarely what our fascist system of corporate controlled media and government, whose needs and desires are usually contrary to those of we, the citizens, wants us to discover. Unfortunately, it is usually not what we want to discover either. The time is short to attempt a change of course, if not already wasted, but willful blindness as America and the world is pushed to the edge of a very deep, dark abyss is almost as criminal an act as those doing the pushing. 

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